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Can SEO and PPC become friends forever? Which of these techniques is considered to be a more effective option in the world of Internet marketing? The answer to these questions is that not only they are friends, but they are colleagues as well; and a better one among the two cannot be chosen. These techniques have different goals, but when they are combined in an effective scheme, they cannot be seen as separate parts.

The biggest advantage of the PPC technique is that it can get you up in and running in an incredibly short amount of time, while SEO requires a lot of patience and time in order to start seeing the payoffs. However, search engine optimization is a long term investment that returns impressive results. The SEO can help a website reach high organic ranks, but that still doesn’t make the PPC strategy obsolete. Combining these two campaigns together is the best way to reach remarkable results, and we will explain that point further in this article.


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10 Reasons Why SEO & PPC are The Perfect Team:

1. PPC can help you get great keywords!

What most people don’t realize is that the PPC campaign is great for getting potential keywords which can be used in a successful SEO strategy. The way to achieve this is by running multiple pay-per-click ads in order to test different keywords and see which of them have the most potential to drive traffic to your website. After gathering such info, you can use the highly-converting keywords in the future search engine optimization. Choosing competitive keywords and placing them at the top of Google’s results requires a lot of work, investment and time, so the PPC campaign can be used as an easier way of getting successful keywords.

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2. The benefits of rates and conversions

As soon as the websites reach high organic rankings, most owners tend to cut back on the investment on PPC, which shouldn’t be done! In fact, having both the organic placement and the PPC campaign will pay out immensely. If your organic and paid listings are shown on the same Google result page, there will be more potential to get trusting Internet users who will want to visit your website.

3. Beating the competition

If you manage to build a strong presence in Google’s search results (both PPC and organic), your biggest competition will definitely be struggling to get a larger share of the pie and you will actually be able to drown out the biggest competitors if you dominate both markets: the PPC and the organic one.

4. Creating trust and brand recognition

You will gain your potential consumers’ trust only if you build brand recognition. Getting your website to appear in more than one place on the search engine’s result page will help you achieve that quality.

5. Repurposing the most effective ad copy

The PPC campaign requires examination and studying, in order to specify the ads that will provide the best click-through rate. This valuable information will help you compose the most effective meta descriptions and title tags for the pages that are going to be targeted with the SEO techniques. The ad copy that works best can be figured out easily with the PPC ads.

6. Data worth analyzing

If you adopt a strategy to run the PPC and organic campaign combined together, you will gather much more data worth of analyzing, so you will be able to make insightful and educated changes that will bring high returns in terms of business success.

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7. Maintenance of the website traffic

When a new website is launched, it doesn’t take a long time for the search engines to trust in its content again. This beginner’s luck is very valuable to be left unmaintained, so a PPC campaign is immensely important at that point in order to help you maintain the traffic and build the reputation all over again. If you lost a lot of traffic because of the algorithm changes made by Google, then increasing the investments in your pay-per-click campaign will help you get over that difficult period and get back on top.

8. Enhancing the Adwords Quality Score

A highly-optimized page with proper SEO techniques can enhance the Adwords Quality Score for the targeted pages. That will have beneficial effects in terms of lower cost per click and improved PPC placement for your ads.

9. Fighting negative PR

Even well-behaving companies experience bad things some times. If bad press has brought your business down, then a combination of SEO efforts and PPC ads is probably the only thing that can help you get back right where you belong.

10. Targeting the brand terms of your competitors

Targeting the competitor’s brand terms doesn’t make a lot of sense when you are running only a search engine optimization campaign, since such an activity would need you to create content centered on the brand of your competitor and you wouldn’t be the one to experience the beneficial effects from that. However, a PPC campaign provides the proper grounds for targeting a competitor’s brand.

In such situation, you have to be certain that your service or product is definitely superior to the one of your competitor and you have to convince the Internet users that your alternative is better.

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Conclusion: SEO and PPC are the perfect team!

Maximizing a website’s online exposure and returns and running an effective online campaign requires the employment of both SEO and PPC techniques. These two marketing strategies have the potential to work in a symbiosis that can achieve the best possible results.