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Keyword Values Explained


Knowledge of keywords is vital in SEO efforts. Keywords help define your content, which impacts its organic ranking. Search volume ...

YouTube SEO Advice – How to Stand Out From the Crowd and Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website


YouTube is its own search engine with its own SEO guidelines, similar to those offered by Google. Many of these ...

copywriting best practices

Copywriting Best Practices – Some Are Overrated


Keep in mind that not all copywriting best practices work for every situation or may even be overrated. Your introduction ...

choose Amazon keywords

How To Choose Amazon Keywords For Your Book


Choose Amazon keywords wisely as this is one of the keys to unlocking its sales potential. Selecting unsuitable terms could ...

alternatives to Google Analytics

Alternatives to Google Analytics


Google Analytics remains the go-to web analytics solution, but it may not always meet everyone’s needs. Some may require more ...

why is organic SEO important?

Why is Organic SEO Important?

Adrian Cruce

Organic SEO refers to optimizing web pages and content for search engines like Google. It includes keyword research, content creation, ...

Local SEO For Restaurants

Krasimir Hristov

Local SEO (search engine optimization) is essential for restaurants. It increases online visibility, draws new local customers in and increases ...

Choosing Long-Tail Keywords


Long-tail keywords can increase both traffic and conversions, but finding suitable ones requires additional research than traditional short-tail keywords. There ...

How to Avoid Keyword Cannibalization

Adrian Cruce

Keyword cannibalization is an issue in SEO where web pages compete with each other for search engine rankings. This can ...

Organic SEO Tips to Increase Search Engine Rankings and Drive More Traffic


If you want to boost your search visibility and drive more visitors to your website, there are numerous organic SEO ...

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