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Given that Pinterest is a relatively new, and fast-growing network of social exchange, it is the ideal platform that can be used by local businesses to launch their social media marketing campaign. Marketers have repeatedly stressed the importance of leveraging visibility by using the mediums of Twitter and Facebook. Along with these two giants, Pinterest has also joined the league. By using this network, users can “pin” images of things they like, which can be re-pinned by other members at a later point. The circulation is enhanced in this way. There are a number of reasons why this network is gaining popularity so fast:

  • Unprecedented Rise In The Number Of Users: Surveys revealed that till March 2013, there were nearly 19 million users, a figure which is all set to rise further in the coming months.
  • High Usage: Data surveys conducted by comScore reveal the fact that members spent 89 minutes on this site on an average, a number that is even higher than the time spent on Facebook andTwitter.
  • Mostly Used By Women: According to researches undertaken by comScore, almost 65% of the members are women, and they are responsible for nearly 84% of the minutes spent on Pinterest, as well as the page views.
  • Defined Interests: The users of this website show definite interest in vintage and lifestyle goods like photography, furniture, clothing and jewelery.
  • Vast Opportunities: With recent business moves, like raising 100 million dollars from Rakuten, the Japanese retail brand, Pinterest offers investors wide opportunities to capture consumers and advertisers alike.

With the referral traffic of Pinterest being as high as that of Twitter, and trade analysts ascertaining that members of this network are 10% more likelier to make a purchase than users of other platforms, it is only wise that start-ups and local businesses opt for this platform to improve their prospects.

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With brands like Neiman-Marcus, Coca-Cola and Wall Street Journal already on board,  here are some ways in which local businesses can use the platform to their advantage:

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Ascertain Whether Pinterest Is The Correct Choice

Owners of local businesses should consider the following factors while determining the feasibility of using Pinterest as a platform to launch their ventures:

  • Ascertain whether visuals play an important role in exhibiting the products and services. If the ventures deal with jewelery, art, kitchen remodeling, landscaping etc, Pinterest is the ideal platform to share images of products, customere testimonials and other kinds of information. On the other hand, for an accountant or lawyer, Pinterest is not the ideal platform to dedicate the marketing resources.
  • Do the links of products feature on the official website? This is an extremely important criteria that needs to be fulfilled, as visitors often follow the links on the images to visit the website and opt for an e-commerce exchange.
  • Since women comprise nearly 65% of the total user population, it is necessary to determine whether the particular venture sells products that cater to the interests of women in particular. If this is the case, then it will be extremely profitable to have an official business account on Pinterest.
  • A lot of time and dedication are required to make a business successful on Pinterest. There is a constant need for engaging and original content. Moreover, equal amount of effort needs to be paid to other social media marketing sites as well. The owner should be prepared to devote both time and effort to the business account on the networking site.
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Ensure That Pinterest Is Well Optimized To Maximize The Presence Of The Business

It is rather simple to set up an account in Pinterest, but the difficulty lies in maintaining that account, and paying constant attention to the particulars in order to attract customers and clients. Some methods of going the extra mile are as follows:

  • Descriptive keywords related to the particularities of business and location can be introduced in the “About” section for better traffic.
  • Another way of improving referral traffic is to add the URL of the official website, and link it to Twitter and Facebook channels for greater visibility.
  • By adding Pinterest’s “follow” button to the website, and “pin it” tab to every service page and product, the possibilities of greater visibility are improved and enhanced.
  • Businesses need to create customized and individual boards for each and every product. Moreover, the names given to the boards should be easy to remember. For instance, if the business sells women’s shoes, then the venture can have boards like “Evening Sandals” or “Boots”. There can be separate boards to promote discounts such as “On Sale” or “Under $50”.
  • Each board should have videos and images that feature on the website. It is best to describe every pin, and also add the prices wherever applicable. This way, if a particular user likes a “pin”, then he or she can click on the link and see the product details on the official website.
  • It is best not to be excessively competitive and solely promote one’s own products. By pinning other items that might be relevant or interesting, the business owners can generate sufficient interest in the visitors as well. Moreover, pinning images with helpful tips is a good way to gain the confidence as visitors, as they begin to see such boards as good sources of useful resource.
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Visitors Must Be Actively Engaged

There are many ways in which owners can participate actively and engage with their visitors, and thereby improve the visibility of their products and business.

  • By following businesses that have a similar aim, local influencers and customers, it is possible to monitor the trends and changing fashions. Moreover, it is also possible to show one’s own interests and inclinations in this way.
  • This platform allows users to comment, re-pin and like content, and thereby generate positive conversions about topics of interest.
  • By hosting contests, it is possible to generate visitor activity, and also attract new clients and customers.


The only way in which the success of a business is ensured on Pinterest is the regular introduction of authentic and engaging content and visuals. Small business start-ups need to devote time and energy to the boards and pins on a regular basis so that there are regular updates, and prospective customers can be aware of the latest launches and seasonal discounts.


Author: Janet Milano is a Search Engine Optimizer and Social Media Marketing expert working in California. In this blog, he talks of the different ways in which small businesses can improve their sales by using Pinterest. Follow her tweets.