Four WordPress Plugins That Will Improve Your SEO


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Are you looking for ways to make your website or your clients website rank higher without the boring link building work? Well, you’re not alone in this.

Other seos and seo businesses are still continuously looking for ways to make their WordPress sites more optimized for Google to allow them to rank higher.

I will cover the top 4 WordPress plugins I have been using on all my websites to make them rank higher in the search engines.


1. Broken Link Checker

Have you ever felt paranoid that any one of your links will get broken because you changed the URL of your important pages?

What this plugin does? It will check your site for any broken links and notifies you straight in your WordPress dashboard. For your convenience, you can set this plugin to send you notifications straight to your email.


For advanced users who uses Youtube, Vimeo and Daily Motion embedded videos on your site, Broken Link Checker can also check whether your video links are broken.

Benefits to yourself: Peace of mind.

Benefits to SEO

  1. Less error pages (e.g:error 404 pages) which equals to better user experience and reduced bounce rate.
  2. Search engine spiders will be able to crawl your site much better meaning more of your pages will start to rank on the search engines.

2. Google Author Link

Are you tired of looking for tutorials on how to add your Google+ profile picture to be displayed on Google? or just wondered how these “heads” pop up on Google?

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What this plugin does? It manages your Google Authorship and adds your Google+ profile picture to be displayed on Google.

google author

For companies and brands, Google Author Link now supports Google+ Publisher Profile. Now, instead of using your personal profile for Google+, you can associate your company or brand to be your Author instead.

Benefits to SEO

  1. Google confirms this “If a user visits an article by an author and it seems like they’d be interested in finding more articles by this author, when they click the “Back” button to return to the results page, we’ll show more results by that author.”
  2. No more worrying about plagiarism on your articles, Google will give credit to the author of the content and rank yours instead of another site who just copied and pasted your content.

3. NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster (S.N.A.P)

Are you too lazy to manually share your new content every single time on Facebook, Twitter or Google+? or you just want to get that extra backlink from these high page rank sites without doing all the manual hardwork?

What this plugin does? It will publish your posts from your site to multiple high page rank sites like on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more automatically.


There is also a lot of customization you can do with Social Networks Auto-Poster like excluding categories in your auto-posting, use a URL shortener like and ability to schedule when you want your posts to get published.

Benefits to SEO

  1. S.N.A.P keeps your social networks updated and active meaning more chances of it getting shared and tweeted.
  2. Additional backlinks from high page rank sites like Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and more. We all know the benefits of backlinks for your search engine rankings.
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4. SEO Smart Links

Want to be like Wikipedia where they link their keywords to all their pages?

What this plugin does? It will automatically link any keywords on your site to another page you want it to link to. In the seo world, this is call interlinking and has been proven a lot of times to increase your search engine rankings.

E.g: You got a page all about web design. You can set SEO Smart Links to link all the “web design” keywords on to that web design page.

This plugin also provides a lot of customization like S.N.A.P. You can prevent it from linking in your H1,2,3,4 tags, set a limit to links to the same keyword on the same page and set maximum no.of interlinking on a single page.

Another cool thing about SEO Smart Links is that, you can link out to another site with this. For those who are into linking out to an authority site like Wikipedia, you can easily command this plugin to do just that automatically.

Benefits to SEO

  1. Search engine will rank your pages more accurately due to the fact that your pages are now linked together accordingly.
  2. Reduced bounce rate due to the linking to other pages on your site
  3. Higher rankings because of the passing of links from one page of your site to another.

Wrapping Up

Just by using these 4 WordPress plugins, you can be guaranteed that your site is now more optimized for seo. More indexed pages, reduced bounce rate, more high page rank backlinks and overall a better site for both search engines and your visitors.

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Interested in learning about more WordPress plugins that will improve your seo? Let me know in the comments below!


Author: Stanley Tan, the chief blogger for a Client Management Tool for SEOs called Reporb. He is crazy about marketing, psychology & small businesses. His motto: Be invisible. Be powerful. Click here to read Stanley’s other guides.