4 Social Networks Your Company Needs To Be On


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The top 4 social networks that your business needs to be on are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. All of these social networks have their own unique features that could help a business grow their traffic and increase social activity online. If your customers are interacting with each other about your product or service online, you’re doing something right.

Important social networks for your business:


1)    Facebook:

Facebook is the social network that everyone goes to first to look up a product or a business. If your business isn’t on Facebook then a couple negative things could happen. First off, lots of people won’t be able to find information with your company or they won’t be able to connect with your company. This is negative because you are losing potential customers! Secondly, if customers are trying to add you on Facebook and your company isn’t there, they might think that it’s very old school and run by people who don’t want to embrace the new features that are available to them. Not having a Facebook for your business is really a negative thing because it’s kind of a give-in to have one in today’s world.

2)    Twitter:

Twitter is the fast paced, tech savvy social network. Twitter is the cool guy who knows all of the new information to what’s going on in the world and why. It’s great to have your company on Twitter because you can connect with a lot of other businesses, and potential clients and not be bombarded with too much information. Also, having a Twitter doesn’t take too much work – it’s made to be easy. Twitter is limited to 140 characters, so you can’t really post too much information; Twitter is meant to get down to the point quickly without beating around the bush. Another bonus of having a Twitter is being able to summarize your main points quickly, and using the Twitter posts to build into a bigger blog or Facebook post.

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3)    LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is the guy who knows everybody that you wish you knew. Getting a LinkedIn is like connecting with the guy who knows everyone. LinkedIn always knows the guy. Having your business on LinkedIn is a great idea because the users that are on this social network are all very professional, and business minded. The purpose of this social media is to connect clients, students, and potential employees with potential employers.

4)     Google+:

Google+ is like the new kid on the block. He’s cool, and everyone comes to hang out at his house because he’s really good at providing a spot to hang out at. A good reason to have a Google+ for your business is that Google recognizes it and ranks you higher, which means that your website or links to your business will be higher ranked in Google Search. That’s always good, right?

Getting your business on all four of these social networks and managing those social networks strategically can help increase awareness about your company, product, or brand. For more information join us on Google+