AdSense Alternatives For Publishers


AdSense alternatives for publishers

There are various AdSense alternatives for publishers out there that offer publishers an easier way to monetize their websites, from contextual advertising networks that specialize in the customization of their solutions specifically for publishers to services that specialize in behavioral targeting ads that provide solutions tailored specifically for each publisher.


PropellerAds is a multi-source advertising network offering publishers various ad formats to choose from, thus making it one of the AdSense alternatives for publishers that have to be considered. Their dashboard enables them to track ad revenue in multiple languages while accessing over 9 traffic sources; additionally, it features advanced options for the placement and optimization of advertisements.

This ad network enables you to monetize your blog by placing ads on it. These advertisements will open in a new window when someone clicks them, earning you money each time someone does so. They can even be tailored specifically for the content on your site or blog and placed elsewhere; just ensure they comply with Google’s policies!

PropellerAds makes it easy for publishers to generate income from their websites while meeting no minimum traffic requirement, providing small bloggers and sites an advantage in quickly monetizing their sites, while at the same time increasing traffic over time. Furthermore, it features a fraud detection system that filters out bot traffic from its ad servers.

PropellerAds provides multiple advertising formats, such as full-tab pop-ups and SmartLink ads. While similar to AdSense ads, these can be customized and made more engaging and effective by changing both size and content accordingly.

This ad network supports GEO targeting and ISP targeting, using its algorithm to find the optimal matches for your ad and optimize its campaign. Furthermore, there is also an optional CPA Goal feature that lets you set conversion goals. Furthermore, this platform supports multiple currencies as well as having its own analytics engine to measure campaign success.

Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Amazon Native Shopping Ads provide an easy and straightforward way to monetize your website and are one of the really interesting AdSense alternatives for publishers. They feature contextual ads that show product recommendations based on the content of your site, making it possible to add them directly to blog posts or pages and earn affiliate commissions from them. Plus, these native shopping ads come equipped with flexible placement options, responsive designs, and straightforward implementation processes! There are three distinct kinds of Amazon Native Shopping Ads: Recommendation ads, Search ads, and Custom ads.

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Amazon native shopping ads differ from banners and text links in that they’re visually appealing and attract more viewers to your site, while also increasing conversion rates through direct relevancy to site content. As they’re less likely to scare away visitors with too many ads, these native ads make an excellent alternative. You can create them using plugins for WordPress websites that import product data via Amazon API to create visually appealing product boxes, lists, or tables which you can insert using shortcode.

To use Amazon Native Shopping Ads, first, you must create a product feed. To do this, log into your Amazon Associate account and click “Native Shopping Ads.” Select an advertisement format, product category(s), and number of product links you would like displayed, then hit “Save.”

If you want to increase your revenue with Amazon Native Shopping Ads on your site, make sure that frequency capping is enabled for these ads to prevent visitors from becoming annoyed by too many advertisements and opting out. In addition, use tracking add-ons so you get accurate data for optimizing ad performance.


Ezoic is a machine learning-powered ad platform that utilizes machine learning to determine which ads convert best for your website. The platform continuously tests different ad sizes and layouts until finding those which best meet each visitor. Furthermore, Ezoic stores information on how visitors respond to its advertisements so it can improve results over time; this process may take a few days or weeks – patience is essential in this endeavor!

Control Ezoic’s influence on your site by choosing how many ads to display per page, placements, and exclusions; you can even customize their look and feel to match your brand and preferences. Ezoic also offers tools that help speed up website page load times, optimize revenue growth and enhance the user experience – including blocking certain types of content such as gross close-ups of skin issues or political topics from running.

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Ezoic excels at increasing revenue without diminishing user experience, thanks to its daily automated tests and optimizations of hundreds of factors to create the optimal combination for your website. Furthermore, its tools help boost engagement while decreasing the bounce rate.

Ezoic stands out from other ad platforms by not taking a cut of your advertising revenues; rather, it pays you monthly between the 27th and 31st for all monetized traffic via international bank transfer, Payoneer or PayPal.

AdSense and other ad networks such as Click ads can also be combined with this platform to maximize revenue, though if using this approach it’s important to remember to regularly check ad network settings so as to prevent Google from banning unapproved networks from your account.


Revcontent is a native ad network that offers customizable widgets to maximize traffic and revenue on websites and is one of the best AdSense alternatives for publishers. The service works by showing personalized recommendations based on what content your readers might enjoy based on browsing history; this type of personalization increases engagement and revenue while simultaneously improving the page rank and search engine optimization (SEO).

Revcontent publishers must meet certain criteria in order to be accepted as members. You must meet this minimum monthly unique visitor threshold as well as follow their platform’s guidelines. Furthermore, Revcontent requires only publishing high-quality content that adheres to network standards and does not contain offensive material on websites affiliated with Revcontent publishers.

Native ad network AdRoll offers various targeting options, such as location, demographics, and interests. Their widgets can be integrated with all types of websites and blogs across technologies, media, and entertainment domains; social platforms; viral networks as well as viral sites – even AdSense revenue! For some publishers.

Widgets on our platform offer many customization options to enhance the ad experience, such as using tokens to personalize messages. Users also have the power to select topic channels and modify bids on the campaign level – helping optimize campaign performance and reach their targeted CPA.

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Revcontent’s widgets can easily be tailored to match the aesthetic and feel of any website, including those placed above the fold. Furthermore, these widgets can promote content within a website to encourage clickthrough to other pages within it.


CodeFuel is an AdSense alternative for publishers. An ad network that specializes in search monetization solutions for mobile apps, desktop websites, and browser extensions. Their intent-based search ads capture consumers at their most relevant moments for better conversion and higher ROI for publishers. Their platform boasts a robust search engine with real-time bidding capability to maximize revenues.

CodeFuel stands out from its competition in that it does not require Google AdSense in order to apply, making it ideal for bloggers who may not reach the AdSense minimum payment threshold. Their customer support team can also assist in setting up accounts.

MediaVine offers another viable alternative to AdSense; this ad management company is especially advantageous for lifestyle bloggers such as fashionistas, travel enthusiasts and foodies. Offering high RPMs with numerous advertisers available for selection as well as flexible placement and payment methods – MediaVine could be just what lifestyle bloggers are looking for when it comes to monetization strategies.

Contrary to its competitors, this ad network boasts a low minimum payout value and is Google certified publisher, giving you peace of mind knowing that your earnings will be protected. Furthermore, its user interface is simple and user-friendly – perfect for beginners.

Adserve is used by enterprises of all sizes to increase online advertising revenue and manage campaign performance, using cloud technology. Requiring only a web browser, it offers free trials – typically time-limited with feature restrictions – before making the decision to buy. The price depends upon the number of licenses purchased as well as any add-ons or bundles.