Things we should never do in link building


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Link building is never the simple business it appears to be yet is such a critical element in Leeds marketing, so much so that mistakes made here are catastrophic for the sustainability of the entire marketing business.

Avoid the following as a link builder:

Spamming on social sites

This is the first way to fail in link building. An offended user is never going to come back .Whatever has to be communicated should be put across in a manner that the readers are likely to appreciate and keep them coming back. Both what is written and where it is written matter so much. Take note that if the users are not happy, their ’employees’ that are the SEO people can’t be happy either.

Paying for links

This is another bomb waiting t blow. If you are paying to have more links, SEO is set to catch up with you soon and the penalties are dire because as a rule of the game, only links that are built for the purposes of Leeds marketing can be approved. If you can find your way around the rules, it can’t be for long.

More haste, less speed

Even if you appear to be hitting al the right buttons, link building has to be allowed to take a rather natural path where the system is allowed to find its own steady pace.

link building
By SEO under CC BY-SA 2.0

Avoid submissions in bulk

Be it articles, website links or bookmarks everything is tracked by Google and whenever you are submitting your links in what Google considers as ‘bulk’ SEO will regard that as manipulation . This is a practice that has t be done at the very minimum or disregarded completely.

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Random placement of links

The location of links on a website is also guided by Google. Placing links on side bars or as footers is prohibited. Sneaking links into CSS is also not allowed. Again, building a website primarily for link building is also not right.

Avoid Use of automated tools

With search engine marketing being so paramount today; there are already a number of SEO tools that are available in the market too. Spun content to start with is not allowed and is punishable. Tools that post articles are also wrong as are those that automate submissions or send emails in bulk.

Linking for the sake of linking – is wrong.

If you link your sites to other sites that are not even relevant to your own website is as useless as it sounds. Again language has to be respected; why would you link in a language that you are not using on your own website anyway?

Stay away from natural anchor texts

Having two or three anchor texts as the basis of most of your link building texts is catastrophic. Key words must be built keenly and should not be misleading.

Mix up your links

Do a mix with do_follow and no_follow links to have your work standing out.

Avoid the websites that help you create links on several other social sites. It’s a waste of time if Google finds you out.

By Ella Zeen