SEO Link Building Mistakes That Will Simply Ruin Your SEO Campaign

Adrian Cruce

SEO Link Building Mistakes That Will Simply Ruin Your SEO Campaign

You surely know that link building stands out as the most important part of search engine optimization. The problem is that many end up doing it really wrong. Based on our experience, many make mistakes because they use old link building strategies that simply do not work anymore.

In link building the most important thing is to get high quality links from high authority websites. This is something that many forget about as they simply try to get as many links as they can.

If you want to irreparably damage your SEO results or you simply want to really hurt your sites, you will make the following SEO mistakes. If you do not want to make mistakes and you want to get good results, you will want to avoid the following SEO link building mistakes.

Using Spun Articles

Spun articles have been used for years now as software can be used to simply publish different versions of the same article on so many websites at once. Even when doing this right and the spun articles look and read great, the links that you get are still not valuable due to various reasons. You get a large number of links to your site from low quality sites. People that have high authority sites will make sure that they check if the article is spun. Spamming is currently penalized by Google so that is what will happen if you keep using spun articles.

Comment Spam

Commenting on blogs and adding the domain name in the URL field is common. The problem appears when you use keywords instead of domain names and long URLs instead of the domain name. Software that automates comment spam exists and so many use them. You want to stop this as soon as possible and actually submit Disavow requests for the links that are recorded from comment spam to your site.

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Bad Paid Links

Advertising on some websites and getting paid links is not wrong AS LONG AS YOU DO IT RIGHT. This is what counts the most at the end of the day. We should say that paid links, according to Google official guidelines, need to have that rel=”Nofollow” attribute. While many SEO specialists do not do this, the big problem appears when using the low quality services that some providers offer. Nowadays, you can get hundreds of links for ridiculously low prices. Whenever you see this, you want to avoid the service. The links that you get will have no value and can even lead towards a site penalty.

Low Quality Article And Site Directories

So many dishonest or plain bad SEO companies offer the possibility to add your site to site directories and have articles published in article directories. At the moment there are literally thousands of such directories. Google had to push an update punishing this automatic submission system.

There are some directories out there that do provide value. However, there are not many of them. If you do not know what a good site or article directory is and how it has to be related to your website, the best thing that you can do is avoid the tactic as it will lead to a penalty.

Getting Unrelated Links

In an attempt to get as many links as possible, some site owners simply get everything that they can find. When you get links from unrelated sites, you are actually hurting your site. It is normal to get some links naturally from websites in different niches as some systems are automatic and use crawling. However, when you get too many, it is quite obvious that you want them and you do something to get them. Check the links that come to your site in Google Webmaster Tools. If you notice that something is unrelated, it is best to disavow those links.

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