Simple and effective ways on using link building and digital PR tools for marketers

Buzzstream PR and Social Media tool

Link building software programs that are used in SEO are very much popular among online marketers these days. However, most of them are having difficulty in actually using these programs, especially those who are just beginners in the industry. Thus, we’ll explain on the best ways and tactics on how to easily understand and use link building programs and Digital PR tools for marketers of all levels.

Let us use the link building software and digital PR tool provider BuzzStream. The basic thing that you have to understand with these software and programs is that you are using them to generate strategy to get results from your websites and not merely leaving them to do the whole marketing process. Remember that they are just a part of your bigger Internet marketing campaign.


Link Building

First let us define link building. Link building is the creation of connections or relationships with various websites found on the Internet. Marketers use this strategy to build connections with a lot of people as possible and at the same time creating a positive image from search engines. Take a look at it as a form of “networking” in the off-line community. The more networks you have, the greater opportunities and leads you will have in the future.

Now let’s see and try to use BuzzStream’s link building software. What you have to keep in mind when using these kinds of software is that although you automatically conduct the link building process, you do not forget to leave and create personal relations with your networks. To do this, what we do is visit the websites that may be interested in your own site’s content. After that, bookmark this website and add it to your software’s database. When you do this the link-building program automatically gives you the data that you need regarding this prospect including their page rank, social media accounts, and even contact information. This strategy saves a lot of time from looking at long spreadsheets and maintains a personal touch.

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However, if you don’t have the time to look for the websites that you plan on linking to, you can also tell your link building software to import these kinds of websites into your database from your other sources or database programs. What’s amazing is that the imported database would look like the same as if you have personally bookmarked or discovered the website. This will now be your book of contacts or link prospects. Now that we have this database, it will now be easy for us to filter this up according to our campaign needs and demands depending on the niche, targets, keywords, or other requirements that we may set.


PR and Social Media

The PR and Social Media programs work almost the same with the link building software. First is you had to look for websites and blogs that you think will be a good contact or a good relation. Just bookmark the website and BuzzStream automatically generates information that you need about the website while arranging and compiling it neatly into your PR and Social Media database. If you have other contacts from other database management systems like Salesforce, you can import these contacts directly to your PR and Social media program easily. Plus the program also generates metrics and statistics for these newly added contacts, the same as if you have bookmarked them manually. Creating a pitch for a new campaign will now be a lot easier because of this process since the program also records and manages each contact’s information and past history or relations with them. There is also a built-in email-marketing tool for easy emailing and contacting. Thus, link building software and digital PR tools have indeed made marketers jobs easier and more effective.

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By Boris Dzhingarov

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