Top Trends to be followed for SEO practices in 2013


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With constantly evolving search engines, SEO practices have experienced a significant shift in their popularity. There are many techniques that failed this year, after providing the best results in the previous years. A few of the latest SEO trends have been discussed below to help you with your SEO practices.


Mobile Compatibility

The evolution of Smartphones began to the reshape the internet world. With constant improvements of devices and accessibility of more features, many users started using the internet on mobile devices. Internet users accessing social media sites on mobile have already crossed the number of users accessing the internet on desktop computers. So, a mobile compatible design for a website is must to gain more visitors. Lack of a website compatible to mobile devices would force users to choose another option available, even if the site contains a rich content.

Search Engine Manipulation

In previous years, many websites have been ranked on the basis of the keyword based algorithm. In 2013, Google and other search engines updated their algorithms to focus more on content quality with an acceptable keyword use. So, it has now become more difficult to manipulate a search engine to gain a better rank. The only method to attain a good rank today is to have a user-friendly and informative content. Even, if you manage to get a top rank by some SEO trick, you will lose the rank immediately as viewers prefer to visit a site with quality content only.


Long Valuable Content

Another trend gaining respect in this year is the long informative content rather than short introductory articles. Most of the visitors are nowadays looking for a single high-quality article containing all the required information, instead of looking for different articles having distributed information. An in-depth content explained with illustrations carries a high value and provides a better ranking to the website or web page.

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Social Media Marketing

There are many users that use social media websites like Facebook, YouTube and others on a regular basis and this fact has raised the value of this trend a lot. You need to have an effective social media presence, if you wish to move to a better rank in a search engine result. A mere presence on social media isn’t enough, in fact, you need to be active there and respond to various queries or comments to gain a better reputation.


Multimedia Content

The traditional approach to provide information using content containing text only has passed away. The new trend that has gained popularity is the use of multimedia content to provide a better understanding for the user. Audio-visual content provides a better effect on a viewer’s mind rather than a written text. So, the use of illustrative images, videos or other interactive content will help you gain more viewers and hence a better rank.

This year has seen changes in Google’s algorithm, due to which there has been a great shift in the SEO trends for 2013. It is very important to adopt Google Authorship when writing posts and make sure you follow the latest SEO trends if you want to rank higher in the search results.

By Boris Dzhingarov