Properly Sharing Posts On Media Without Spam


Properly Sharing Posts On Media Without Spam

Sharing blogs on social media can be done in many good ways and in many really bad ways. Unfortunately, most people out there do not know much about how to do this properly and they end up spamming pages with too much self-promotion. You need to remember that social media is definitely not only about you. As general rules to follow whenever sharing something on social media, remember the following:

  • You should always share content that is valuable
  • Focus on building followers, a community and connections
  • Get people to want to talk to you about what you promote
  • You have to create engagement

Start with only two social media channels and then expand. You do not have to always share on all the social networks, especially in the beginning. Consider the following based on the social networks you will post on.

Sharing Posts On Facebook

  • When you get a new friend request, if the person is a good connection, accept it and then send a note welcoming the person.
  • Look at the news feed. Comment, like and share to create interactions.
  • Find connections that can be beneficial for you and connect with up to two people daily.
  • Share the recent YouTube video or blog post.
  • Schedule status updates when you are not online.
  • Always share 20% of posts about your services/products/articles and 80% of posts for other articles that are valuable for the audience you have.
  • Become a member of Facebook groups that are relevant. Be active in them and interact with members. Then, share content that you wrote or content that you find as being highly effective.
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Sharing On LinkedIn

Linked is not necessarily about posting. This network is about the network that you create. This is what your focus should be put on. Think about the following:

  • Connect with new people every day. LinkedIn has very good recommendations that you can take into account.
  • Always reply to personal messages you may receive.
  • Send thank you messages whenever you accept a connection request.
  • Look at the people that viewed your profile and then send a message thanking them for doing that.
  • Do share the recent blog posts that you wrote.
  • Be an active part of LinkedIn groups. Do answer questions if you can and add value to conversations.

Sharing Posts On Pinterest

Most people do get this wrong. You can pin the latest YouTube video or blog post on the network as long as it fits well with the channel. Hashtags should be used and you have to repin content from others from time to time. This can be done from the homepage. You have to look at the influencers and try to connect with them.

Sharing Posts On Twitter

For many industries Twitter is a great social network to use. You will want to use relevant hashtags since this is really important. The recent blog posts do have to be Tweeted and you want to focus on finding retweets that are of real value, from industry professionals. At the same time, do focus on sharing articles that are written by others. When you do that, do mention who the article was written for by including the Twitter handle. If the people that followed you recently are relevant, do follow them back. That is never a bad thing and can give you good information that you would share in the future.

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Sharing Posts On Google+

Do share links to blog posts and use the “+” mention feature in order to highlight if there are people that would find the share valuable. The people that you see as important connections should be added to the circles list. Do +1, engage and interact with people, sharing posts from others and commenting on their posts.

If there are questions that you think you can answer or there are options where you can share a lot of value by linking resources or your blog posts, take advantage of the situation. Google+ is all about the community.