YouTube Vloggers Should Be Aware Of These Tips For Increased Success


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If you are a vlogger and you want to increase subscriptions and views to the YouTube channel it is really important that you do things right. When the audience engagement is low, success is also low. Every single aspiring YouTube vlogger or channel creator needs to remember the following tips.

Build A Personality For The YouTube Channel Content

The successful vlogger always focuses on an angle and personality as the video is created. The idea is always to make content stand out. It does not really matter what a vlog is about. It can be about anything from home maintenance to movie reviews. You will surely notice thousands of videos that talk about topics really similar to yours. In order to stand out, your personality has to shine while you find fun and unique angles that can be utilized.

Direct Conversation Towards Video Comments

Video comments are so often overlooked by vloggers. You should not do this. While it is true that managing YouTube comments can be a hassle, using this part of the site is very lucrative on the long run. This is especially when you do it right. A great thing you can do is to start a new conversation as soon as the YouTube video is uploaded. Most people do not want to comment when there is not much already said in the comments section so you make this a lot easier while moving a conversation towards the desired direction.

Brand YouTube Videos

Most beginners just upload vlogs and never thin about branding. If you want your vlogs to be instantly recognized and memorable you want to brand them. Do create a unique and attractive logo that would be included at the start or even throughout the video. Then, develop some fun branded merchandise.  As an example, a poster or a banner with the logo can be placed behind the vlog as you record. Branding will increase recognition and does wonders in future merchandise sales. YouTube as an income source is never enough for the long term so you do want to eventually move towards merchandising.

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Plan Content And Create Calendars

Consistency is always essential in vlogging, as it is in blogging and all other online ventures. Viewers need to know when they have to expect something new from you. In order to produce quality, consistent content you have to create a plan. Plan when the video will be edited, when filming happens, when social media posts will appear and basically everything associated with YouTube content creation. Success is drastically increased the more you plan! The publishing schedule can be posted on social media, in your video, on the about page and everywhere else you have some sort of online presence. Return viewership is automatically increased.

Always Focus On Building A Community

Community is the most important of all the aspects connected with YouTube vlogging. Videos have to act as conversation beginnings. That leads to creating a community. You absolutely need to create ways for people to be engaged with each other while having your YouTube vlogs as the center of attention. This includes Facebook groups, social media presences and even a community on Google Plus that is dedicated to the YouTube channel. Some tips to remember about community building for vlogs:

  • Make sure the community has a name. Then, add it to the branding of the channel.
  • Build a presence on social media.
  • Acknowledge supporters and viewers by name.
  • Respond to appropriate YouTube comments.
  • Shout-outs have to be given to the community supporters. Do this on social media and in vlogs.
  • Consistently interact and engage with the audience.
  • End vlogs with questions and then engage with replies.
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