ECommerce Security Problems Business Owners Should Be Aware Of


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ECommerce security should be seen as a huge priority for every single business out there that sells something online. We are faced with the necessity to be sure that security is as high as it should be with practically everything that is associated with the internet. The only problem is that with eCommerce sites everything is much more complex.

We are used with security that is normally used when opening online finance related accounts like the insurance USAA Account. Business owners think that something similar appears with the eCommerce sites. That is incorrect. In reality, you want to remember the following threats.

Customer Tricking

Let’s think about the eCommerce site that has CC details stored inside the system. This practically means that when criminals trick customers into offering account information, the credit card details are also going to be accessed. All that the criminal has to do in many cases is to get in touch with customer support. Then a password change is initiated. Something like this has to be countered by implementing extra security features to properly authenticate customers when referring to customer support.

Fraudulent Orders

This is a security problem that does not always appear because of the site but that has to be properly assessed. The idea is that a hacker will infiltrate the computer of a user and will get log-in details. In this case fraudulent orders can appear.

Network Sniffing

This is a relatively complex topic that is not understood by many. There is a distance that appears between the computer of the user and the server where the eCommerce site is hosted. Hackers can steal data that is shared between the two sides of this connection. What is received and sent is recorded and in some situations it is possible that data is readable by hackers. Modern eCommerce platforms now encrypt the information that is sent between the two parties. This is a huge necessity for every single shopping experience.

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Password Guessing

This is much more common than it should be. Unfortunately, people from all around the world make the mistake of using passwords that are simply way too easy to guess. Hackers do not even need to worry since they will guess passwords that are quite standard and simple like “password” or “1234”. The eCommerce owner needs to realize that this is something that is common. The solution is really simple. All that is needed is to implement an obligatory system through which platforms have to be more complex.

DoS Attacks

DDoS stands for denial of service. It practically means that a hacker floods the server with constant data requests. That can easily lead towards the situation in which the eCommerce website does not work anymore. Using Firewall and server security is necessary to deal with this. Unfortunately, servers that are under DoS attacks will cause a loss of money and reputation. That is something that you want to avoid at all costs.

Various other problems can appear. Make sure that you always focus on something that is suitable for the situation you are in. If necessary, consider working with a security specialist.