How To Grab And Hold Attention With Your Site

Adrian Cruce

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It is a really well-known fact that the attention span of website visitors is lower than it ever was. It is really important that you do all that you can in order to first grab the visitor’s attention and then keep him/her entertained. You want this due to the fact that this drastically increases the possibility of making a conversion.

Focus On Novelty

The human mind naturally gravitates towards novelty. Whenever faced with a novel experience, attention is automatically grabbed. What is unknown automatically demands your attention. Presenting novelty is definitely the best thing that you can do. You need to be careful with pages that are text-heavy. In this case you have to basically be sure that you make the content stand out with something. Quality is sometimes enough but graphics are always better. At the same time, in the event that you manage to come up with something new, something that visitors did not see in your niche, it is a guarantee that you will at least be able to make your sales pitch.

Using Contrast

The human brain will pay a lot more attention to something that is presented in contrast when compared with something that has absolutely no contrast. In fact, contrast is necessary in order to make a really fast decision. That practically means that using contrast in the design of your pages automatically implies a faster possible conversion. You may want to learn more about neuromarketing since it focus on exactly such practices.

Inspiring Emotion

When you manage to create emotion in visitors, their attention is guaranteed. Obviously, shocking is a trick that was always used by advertisers and is employed by site owners too at the moment. All that you have to do is think about what you remember from the past year. There is a pretty good possibility that what you remember is what created a lot of emotion. Emotion can be packed in copy and visuals. People will thus pay a lot of attention to what you present.

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Always Present Information In A Sequential And Logical Pattern

The human brain will naturally focus on something that is presented in a logical and sequential pattern. It is vital that you structure content properly. You do need to have an introduction so that you highlight exactly what the rest of the page is above. Then, you need the body of the page and a conclusion. The call to action always works best in the conclusion, no matter what you may think.

Remember that people will not remain focused for more than 10 minutes. That means that you have to also close your sale before that.

Prepare Your Pages For The Scanning Behavior

People no longer read everything on the page. They scan. This means that you have to enable the visitor to easily scan your content. Think about how you currently read content on websites that you are not 100% interested in. That is what you have to enable for the visitors you have. Use the F-shape: 2 horizontal stripes and a vertical stripe.

Website Speed Is Important

This is something that is often mentioned and never actually taken into account by most site owners. When content takes too long to load, people are not really going to like what they see. They will not even wait for the entire page to load. Think about what site visitors you are looking for. Then, make sure that website visitors will end up seeing the content as fast as it is possible. Sometimes, changing providers is needed.

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