6 Effective Facebook Marketing Tips For Real Estate Companies

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Because of the fact that most people look for homes on the internet these days, real estate agents are forced to have an online presence. This did negatively affect business for many because they were not prepared to deal with the expansion of social media.

Facebook stands out as the most effective social media network that real estate companies can use right now to get more clients. Let’s see why this is the case and highlight some very important Facebook marketing tips that are particularly effective for people working in the industry.

Facebook Marketing Advantages For Real Estate Companies

  •         Targeted Ads – You can easily target specific demographics and can choose who to show your ads to based on age, interests, behavior, location, and more.
  •         Affordable Costs – You can spend really small amounts or invest hundreds to reach your perfect prospects. When you use traditional marketing strategies you end up paying a lot more than with Facebook ads.
  •         Insights – You can easily measure Facebook marketing campaigns to make improvements. When you promote real estate listings, you can see conversions, impressions, clicks, and more.
  •         Engagement – Ads on Facebook increase engagement, which can lead to organic referrals if posts are shared.

Effective Facebook Marketing Tips For Real Estate Companies

Whenever you spend money on Facebook ads or create a content marketing strategy to be used on the social network, remember the following.

Target The Correct Audience

When you advertise for a real estate agency, you want to narrow down your audience and do it as much as you can. It is a very bad idea to target thousands of people that are not interested in what you promote. It is just better to do it for 100 quality leads that are much more likely to turn into customers.

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To better elaborate, let’s say you want to promote a property that you want to sell. You want to target based on location with the geo-targeting feature. Then, you want to narrow down your audience based on the age group that is most likely to be interested in that property. Take it one step further and choose the audience of the ads by selecting homeownership status and income level.

Use The Correct Type Of Facebook Ad

According to Alison Duffy, buyer agent at Canberra Property Buyer Solutions, ads ran on Facebook need to be a mixture of photos, videos, and copy. A modern way to take advantage of the technology is to use 360 real estate videos. These are wonderful for potential buyers since they can tour houses without leaving their chairs. Also, you want to make sure that you use the highest possible quality images you have and that you capture different angles, neighborhood features, and angles.

Always Include A Good CTA

As soon as someone sees the ad your un or visits the real estate company’s Facebook page, they have to immediately be aware of what your wishes are. This is why the network offers several CTAs you could use, like “Learn More”, “Call Now”, “Apply Now”, “Download”, and “Contact Us”.

For instance, in the event that you are a real estate agent in New York City, on your Facebook profile page you could include a CTA with “View My Profile”, which would take visitors to a business website.

Use Facebook Reviews

It does not matter if the real estate agency is new on the market or has been around for ages. Reviews are pivotal when it comes to building trust with the potential clients that would use its services in the future.

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Written reviews are very easy to set up on Facebook and every single real estate business should have them activated. Besides these, you can also add images of your happy customers when they offer consent so that you can boost lead generation efforts.

Share Highly Helpful Content

Selling and buying homes can be very scary. This is especially true for the first-timer. The Facebook business page of the real estate agent should thus share tips so that the selling or buying process can become less stressful. Educational content is very effective to boost credibility. It also makes it much easier to connect with prospects.

Extra tips: Besides sharing highly helpful content, respond to every single comment that you get. This boosts engagement and shows people that you can be trusted.

Always Track Everything

Real estate agents should only use Facebook ads when they track performance. You should always check the analytics section of your account to get data about click-through rates, cost per click, conversion rates, cost per action, and impressions. Obviously, you can run several ads at the same time. This will allow you to put money only in the ads that work.

Final Thoughts

Most real estate companies do not use Facebook in an effective way to promote their business. The tips highlighted above should help change that. However, it should be highlighted that this is just a part of everything that could be said and every single tip is presented as a summary.

In most cases, real estate agents want to generate leads. Facebook is great to do that but only if used right. If you do not have experience and you do not have the time needed to learn how to create effective Facebook marketing campaigns, it is better to hire professionals that can.

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