Online marketing 2013: Trends you must follow for better revenue

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The world of Internet marketing revolved mainly on three things, they are – Google updates, dominant brands and mobile devices. However, if you want to stay ahead this time in 2013, then you must incorporate the most serious online marketing trends currently doing the rounds in the World Wide Web.

Recent online marketing trends

Here are some of the predictions regarding the major driving factors of e-commerce in 2013:

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1. Enhanced attribution modeling – The year of 2012 was of analytics and this year it is expected to be attribution tracking that’ll take centre stage in case of digital marketing. Actually, you must have observed that both packages of analytics as well as solutions rose to prominence during the pas one year.

These two trends broke down the channel silos and the marketers in order to come up with a better holistic marketing approach, now widely known as attribution tracking.It refers to the assigning of a particular value to a marketing campaign that converts into business. However, in 2013 the attribution tracking or better still attribution modeling will evolve more creative ways to track down the effects of channels on the performance of one another.

2.Growth of mobile browsing – Currently, around 75% of the world’s population have access to different kinds of mobile devices. So, present day e-marketers can’t ignore the growing importance of mobile websites when around 20% of all the online purchases are being made via mobile devices. It has become indispensable to have a wireless device compatible SEO-friendly mobile website for every e-commerce portal that can be easily accessed by their clients and brands.

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Previously, it was important for the mobile websites to be responsive but now providing enhanced value to the consumers has become essential. This is expected to be done through attractive mobile applications. The mobile websites should in a way provide fresh formats for consumption, fresh information and fresh online resources.

3.Better inbound marketing – There is no denying the fact that social media has grown in importance in the board room and is currently one of the leading driving forces behind the growth of online business. So, inbound marketing too is growing as well and marketers must make ample investments in this section so as to generate better revenues.

Basically, inbound marketing refers to fresh content creation, more social interaction and availability of valuable resources for the consumers to take advantage of and keep them hooked to their websites. This drops the necessity to opt for paid marketing in order to increase organic traffic to a website. Therefore, e-commerce websites should now boast of attractive content, inbound analytics and stunning web design. As a result, there might be some great improvements in existing search engine optimization (SEO) tools and more innovative software in order to assist marketers with their inbound marketing strategies.

4.More online gamification – To make the web more interesting and intriguing, a lot of web developers had been applying the principles of game-design while creating websites. This trend has been growing ever since it began some years back and is expected to reach its pinnacle this year. Hence, it is very likely that upcoming businesses as well as established ones will be investing more aggressively to make their websites more interactive and vibrant place to hop around in the virtual world. These trends will make all the products and services all the more appealing to the web users.

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5.Improved consumer loyalty offers – It has become very clear to every online marketer worth his/her salt that getting fresh customer can be a real pain in the neck than holding onto the existing ones. However, this year there are something more that’ll be added and that is better Internet connectivity and an open online community for consumers to share their views/reviews regarding a particular product or services by an online business organization. This will help the e-businesses to rectify their trade practices and resolve consumer grievances more amicably.

Therefore, what was once considered a distant dream has now become a crucial aspect of any mainstream marketing plan.

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