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Deloitte – “43% of consumers check their phones within five minutes of waking up”

Email marketing is still the most responsive of the available marketing strategies in the digital world & is important for so many reasons.  It is one of those methods which marketers can use to start a relationship with the decision makers of targeted companies for eventually selling the services or products. Email marketing is highly adaptable. You can create the emails that you send out to promote your business in any way that it suits your business. You can target different groups by simply changing the content form. Other than that there are always the factors that Email marketing is inexpensive, easy to use & it can reach anyone in the world.

But the way we do business has changed a lot along with our lifestyle. Now businesses happen on the go. With the introduction of Cell phones, people can work whenever they can get their hands on it. And what that can be noticed is that the effectiveness of business is also continuing to rise along with it. But what marketers should ask themselves is whether they are properly utilizing this technique for their activities.

More than just email

Mobile marketing strategy is more than simply sending emails. It covers the way in which a brand makes use of the smart mobile device in the potential customer’s pocket. This is because mobile phones have changed the way people interact with family, friends brands and even the email program. The challenge that marketers face will be identifying these changes & utilizing all the new possibilities to reach the customer with the marketing goals.

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The superior combination of email & mobile gives the ability to companies to eliminate problems that are now present and move on towards a modern approach appreciated by customers. Marketers can utilize this feature to send proposal mails, promotional mails, mails regarding discount of products or even thank you notes.

If a customer has to receive a bill regarding any service, the company can send it to him via mail. Here the customer’s time is saved as he doesn’t have to wait at the service desk. If any kind of receipt is there, just send to the customer’s inbox. Online check-in, the boarding pass can be mailed. The possibilities are endless & the marketers should take advantage of these features for improving customer experience.

Since the smartphone is small, people always have it on them. With the feature of going online & with geographical data use, an email driven by an event or an application can give offers based on customer location. Knowing in which store the individual customers are, can boost the results of email marketing campaigns tremendously as the dynamic emails can match according to the location.

What should marketers do?

These are some of the advantages of integrating mobile in the game of email marketing but marketers also take some steps for proper execution including using mobile ready landing pages, keeping big buttons for big fingers,a proper balance of image & text, writing compelling pre-header text, short subject line & using mobile ready templates.

Switching off

Even after integrating these strategies, don’t simply send emails off into the ether. Marketers should make sure to preview the email in several email clients & on multiple types of mobile devices to ensure it looks the way that it’s intended to be. Only then “send” should be hit.

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