Vimeo or YouTube – Making the Right Choice for Online Video Marketing

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With so many people finding it easier than ever to shop over the internet, it has become vital for businesses to invest some time and money on promoting their products and services. There are many sites selling the same things you have listed on your ecommerce site, which means you have to do something to stand out from the crowd. That’s where digital marketing comes into play.

By making use of digital marketing techniques, it becomes easier for business to reach out to their target audience. You can definitely try different options, including social media websites, emails, online advertisements, and video websites. Considering the interest of people and current trends, you are simply going to get better results by conducting a video marketing campaign.

Video marketing is all about creating interesting videos that highlight the benefits of shopping from your site or buying some of your special products. Some of these videos sell directly to the public, while others contain a hidden message to inspire people to simply pay a visit to your website. Now, the success of your video marketing campaign depends on several factors, but picking a right video marketing site is probably the most important decision to make.

By digging deeper into the details, you will come to know that YouTube and Vimeo are the two most popular video sharing websites. Again, you need the best, don’t you? Here’s a comparison to help you make a better decision.


Pros and Cons of YouTube Marketing

If you talk about some of the most visited websites on the internet, YouTube has to be on top. Considering the amount of traffic it receives, you cannot deny the fact that it’s the best video sharing site available online. Moreover, the fact that Google owns this website makes it a little more important in the eyes of this search engine – it means that videos from YouTube have better chances of appearing on the first page of Google search results.

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YouTube offers some other benefits as well. For instance, you don’t need to pay anything to setup a YouTube account. Once created, you can customize your account details and area according to your brand – you can try different options to improve branding. Moreover, no one will stop you from uploading as many videos as you want. Above all, there are so many options you can use for advertising – it includes promoted videos, in-video advertisements, and webpage advertising.

On the other hand, there are certain marketing disadvantages associated with YouTube. For instance, the competition is quite stiff at this video sharing website. With little to no upload restrictions in place, it’s obvious to find so many similar videos in the same category you have used to post your video. In this situation, it will become harder for your audience to find your video. Moreover, you may also see competitor advertisements appear within the videos you have uploaded – you can try the marketing analytics tool to avoid such issues but it’s still quite annoying.


Pros and Cons of Vimeo

The best thing about Vimeo is that it gives you the opportunity to use several customization options – you can imbed your logo in your videos and add several other branding elements at the time of uploading your video. Not only this, it comes with an effective analytics tool – many users believe this tool is a lot more flexible, powerful, and feature-rich as compared to what you get in YouTube.

After getting a Vimeo’s Pro account, you can make use of encoding for two videos – this will allow your video to use less bandwidth, which will make it faster to run. In your account area, it is possible to establish new channels and groups where you could interact with people – it’s also possible to arrange your videos in playlists and albums, which makes them easier to browse.

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Like YouTube, Vimeo also comes with certain disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is that Vimeo cannot compete with YouTube in terms of traffic, which means you won’t see a huge change in the traffic to your website. Similarly, videos from Vimeo don’t rank very well in Google because their first preference is the videos from YouTube.
What’s more, some of Vimeo’s features are not free – you have to pay if you want to use this service for commercial purposes. Above all, you will have to face restrictions on how many videos you can upload a year. Terms and conditions are also quite vague, especially compared to YouTube.

vimeo vs youtube

What’s Better?

In case you’re trying out new marketing initiatives, YouTube should be the choice, as it’s free and less restrictive. However, if you want to engage effectively and easily with your target audience, you may want to use Vimeo. And of course, if you’re unsure, you can test both of these services to identify the one that suits you the most.