What Are The Top Social Media Management Tools?

Adrian Cruce

Because of the importance of social media for businesses it should come as no surprise to see hundreds of management tools available on the market right now. Choosing the one that is the best for your company can be really difficult. When can literally mention dozens of great social management tools but we do think that the following are those that are the very best ones. Feel free to comment below if you disagree and you want to present another one as being better.


Buffer is still the very best social media management tool available at the moment. Ithas a really clean and user-friendly interface that allows you to easily schedule content on various platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and LinkedIn. The app is really efficient and simple, allow you to save a lot of time as the entire network is administered. The accounts that you have will all allow you to track the engagement metrics you are interested in like clicks, comments, favorites and shares. Also, new content can easily be discovered with in-built tools.

The only problem with Buffer is that it is difficult to interact with followers when the network is large. There are limitations in this that you do want to consider.


At the moment there are over 25 social networks added to Hootsuite, making it one of the most impressive social media management app on the market. If you need something that helps with publishing, workflow, campaign management, analytics and engagement, it is one to consider. A big strength for it is that it will facilitate the engagement with followers through just one dashboard. You will find it really easy to respond to comments, mentions and messages. Post targeting is also an option to consider, allowing to share content based on demographics, language and location.

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The problem with Hootsuite is that it is a little too complex and multifunctional. It will be really daunting for a beginner to use it. If you just started managing social media, opt for another app.


Spreadfast is really great for you as you monitor keyword based online conversations and can manage different social media sites at the same time. The publishing capabilities are reliable and optimal scheduling time will be suggested by the tool. One of the strongest points of Spredfast is reporting as you get really advanced analytics reports delivered, presented in really clear formatted graphics.

If you do not know much about social media, you will be frustrated with Spredfast as the learning curve will be high. You do get a lot of training documentation but you have to spend much time to go through it.


If you didn’t hear about Percolate till now, do not worry as you are not the only one. This app allows scheduling in various channels, team collaborations and organizations for numerous campaigns at one time. The interface is user-friendly and you will quickly locate everything that you need for proper use. Content creation stands out as a core focus of Percolate. You get great tools that allow you to easily build content that is visually appealing in just a few minutes.

A problem with Percolate is that it is impossible to change the time zone if there are different users present. This will be really tricky for the situation in which a global team is doing social media management work.

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When you just need a social media management app for your Twitter accounts, Tweetdeck is still considered as being the very best option available. Its interface is responsive and clean, making it so easy to go through various streams and even locate great content to share. You can receive desktop notifications in order to quickly respond to questions and we have to acknowledge the wonderful search engine included. Although it will be a little difficult to manage more Twitter accounts and you cannot edit images in scheduled tweets, you will love the result. You do not get access to analytics but this is available in Twitter and can be used.