SEO Correlation Myths To Be Aware Of


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Through analyzing various sources of data the SEO specialist is making different correlations about various different aspects that are going to be used in the campaigns. Unfortunately, many specialists jump to conclusions as they make correlations that should not actually be made. Various myths appear when looking at SEO correlation and we should know the truth about them.

We Don’t Know Connection Direction In SEO Correlation

If you identify a correlation we do not know if a specific factor is influencing rankings or the high rankings are those that influence that factor. Let’s think about Facebook shares. Higher ranking search results in Google influence why people share on Facebook or are the numerous shares the ones that influence the higher ranking? It cannot be proven which option is the correct one. Google results might have an influence on Facebook searches or it might be the exact other way around.

Causation Is Not Implied Through Correlation

This is something that is true in all cases, including SEO work. Even so, the correlation is a hint of a possible causation. We use correlation in SEO in order to find some things that we want to learn more about.

Correlation Shows What A Successful Site Does When Compared With An Unsuccessful Site

Most people do not think about this but in various cases an identified correlation is going to show something that is being done right. It cannot prove anything but it is going to show that something is happening. For instance, do you get more Facebook shares? A correlation is made with the content type in many cases and you can easily see that there are some sites that get more shares. It may be something that happens or a completely direct Google ranking factor. If this is something that happens in your niche, you want to know about it. By improving the content you have, you increase shares and it might improve rankings. Remember that quality is always the most important thing to take into account as you create content.

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Low Correlation Is Not A Sign That Something Does Not Work

This is, perhaps, the most important thing that you have to take into account as you do SEO work and you analyze correlations. When you do the work, you can identify a correlation that is minor, with a really low rating. For instance, some time ago the importance of the keyword being used in the title of an article was very high. Correlation eventually went down and we were led to believe that it is no longer that important to add that keyword. This is not actually the case. Even if the correlation is low, using the keyword in the title tag is something that is very important for SEO. The fact that a correlation rating is going down simply means that Google just uses something as less of an important ranking factor. Even so, it is just speculation, although you do get the idea.

Final Thoughts

On the whole, it is really important to identify all the correlations and analyze them further. In reality, every single one is going to be important for overall SEO ranking. We have to analyze everything so that we can come up with a really good strategy. It is always good to think about the basics like backlink building but everything else you identify is important.