SEO Keyword Value Understanding Guide


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SEO keyword value

Everyone in the SEO industry talks about choosing valuable keywords, keywords that will be really effective instead of those that seem to be really big. The problem is that few actually tell you how to do that. Understanding SEO keyword value is not that easy. It takes a lot of practice and knowledge.

What Is A Valuable SEO Keyword?

We can simply define this as being an SEO keyword that would be really good for the goals that you have at the moment. As an example, if we run a site that sells shoes, you want to compare keywords related to “shoes”. What will sell better? “Red shoes”, “black shoes”, “black boots”, “buy black boots” or “cheap black shoes”? That is the type of question you want to always ask.

An SEO research tool will not be able to highlight the direct value of a Keyword. It will tell you how much traffic you could receive but not how valuable the traffic is. In order to properly determine SEO keyword value, you want to understand marketing and use its strengths to get this analysis done.

Factors To Consider When Determining SEO Keyword Value

Many things can be taken into account but we want to mainly focus on the following:

  • Keyword Relevance

The keyword has to be relevant to the content present on the website. When used, ask yourself if the person using the keyword will actually find what is looked for. Will that individual be satisfied but what will appear on the site. Based on this, you can determine the basics of figuring out if a keyword can bring in some sales.

  • Search Volume
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It is not enough to find a keyword that sells really well if there are not many that will use it. You want to look at the sites that rank quite high for the keyword you analyze. In most situations, a keyword that has many ads appearing in the search engines will be valuable and will convert well. With this in mind, if you see that a good search value appears and you see many ads with the keywords used, there is a pretty good possibility that the keyword has good value.

A Trick To Use When Determining Value

No matter how much analysis you end up doing, it is easy to make mistakes and not understand the true value of an SEO keyword. If you want to be sure, you can always buy a small sample campaign with Google AdWords. This will quickly highlight if the traffic coming from that keyword is valuable or not. The “exact match” feature in Google AdWords is what you want to use. Track the conversion rate and the impressions on a few hundred clicks for an accurate estimate.

Determining The SEO Keyword Value

Based on the data that you acquired, you can see the value of a keyword. Let’s say you have 100 visitors that reach your site with that specific keyword and that you make $100 in profit (not in sales) through 5 sales. In this case, one visitor through the specific keyword will have a value of $1.