Email Marketing Fundamentals You Need To Be Really Good At

Adrian Cruce

Email Marketing Fundamentals You Need To Be Really Good At

Email engagement is a fundamental part of marketing automation. All modern marketers do all that they can in order to have emails perform better. This includes driving conversions, revenue and engagement. The problem is almost always the competition and the fact that people do not really like emails anymore. That is why you need to be even better than you used to be. The following email marketing fundamentals are very important if you want to succeed at the moment.

Humanizing Communication

Obviously, an email that is sent by a person will work much better than one sent by a company. Because of this, you want to be sure that you humanize communication. The email receiver needs to know that a person sends the email, not a company or a brand, unless the company is really well-known like Coca Cola or similar.

Avoiding Average Length Subject Lines

Email open rates are highly influenced by subject line. Statistics show that the very best ones are short or long. The subject lines that are between 60 and 70 characters are not going to be really good for engagements. The subject lines that are under 50 characters are normally having higher open rates and the click-to-open rate is normally higher for subject lines over seventy characters.

Having On Topic Subject Lines

Opens are to be increased when you use really good subject lines. However, if they are not going to be relevant for the email content, the engagement opportunity was completely lost. Off-topic subjects will normally lead towards marking emails as a spam message, which is something you do not want to see happen.

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Concise Copy

Never use too much text in your emails. Average email read time is just around 10 seconds. If the copy is overloaded, the reader will be lost. The best thing you can do is create concise, short emails that will increase the appetite of the viewer while focusing on just one topic. Basically include all that the reader is to see after clicking so that you deliver exactly what you say you will.

Always Focus On Benefits

What is really important is to focus on the benefits that you offer. The functions and features are not going to engage the audience. Your emails should be stuffed with amazing benefits. Craft messages in a way that will impact prospects and encourage action or engagement.

Call To Action Placement Counts

All the call to action buttons should be above the fold. They should not hang alone at the bottom of an email. In fact, it is a really good idea to add many CTA buttons. Just be sure one will be above the fold. Because of the fact that the modern email reader is more sophisticated, an extra tip would be to point your links to more than one target location.

The CTA copy has to be interesting at all times. The generic words like CLICK HERE or DOWNLOAD are not going to be as effective as before. Be creative with the CTA to increase conversions.

Wisely Use Colors

Colors will be really helpful to draw the attention of the viewer but when you use too many competing colors there is a huge possibility that the exact opposite is going to happen. Also, there is no specific color that is going to increase conversion rates. Use one single bright color in the email’s color palette. This is what makes the CTA pop out.

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High Quality Images

Last but not least, you want to add images. They are going to engage the readers. Make sure they are appropriately sized, support the copy and are clear. Test in order to see what works best in your case.