Common Ecommerce Mistakes That Cost You Money

Adrian Cruce

Common Ecommerce Mistakes That Cost You Money

Let’s say that you visit a store that sells some coffee. Everything is perfect and you can practically smell that coffee right through the skin. The price is perfect and when you want to select what to buy, the site is so loaded that the entire computer crashes. Because of the frustration, you will most likely go to a store that sells coffee close to where you live. You will at least close the browser tab.

The idea is that you can actually sell the perfect product at a price that is highly affordable and still not make sales because your ecommerce platform has problems. There are many ecommerce mistakes that can cost you a lot of money. The really common ones are mentioned in the following paragraphs.

Complicated Checkout Process

In order for your online business to be a success, you want to make sure that your clients are going to be able to easily purchase products. You cannot simply install the shopping cart software and then expect sales. You want to make the checkout process as easy as possible at all times.

Overwhelming Sites

Business owners tend to believe that more is better. This is not the case. Many ecommerce sites end up featuring too much content as the owners want to add more audio, more videos and even more products that appear on a single page. Such a mistake can be huge. The customer will want to see the site that is organized and clean. It is common that they leave when sites are way too cluttered. Try to always have a maximum of 12 products per one page.

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Selling The Wrong Type Of Product

You can have a great product and a great site and still end up with low sales because the product type will not sell well online. An example is designer duds. In this case, people want to try the duds before buying. Also, if you sell something that is really cheap, the shipping costs may be way too high to warrant buying from a website. Make sure that you conduct a good homework and that you determine the way in which similar products are sold online.

Improper Coding For Multiple Browsers

Most people use Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. Because of this, the ecommerce website needs to be compatible with all of these browsers. Many site owners do not test this aspect. You want to be sure that all graphics, text and colors look great when using any browser.

Slow Load Times

According to many specialists, nothing ruins making sales as a site that loads too slowly. You want to be sure that you minimize load times as much as you can. This is what helps you to quickly showcase the product and convince people to buy. Customers will most likely leave your website if it does not load in ten seconds or less. Once again, test with the use of all browsers to be sure you have fast load times with all of them.