Never Use These SEO Strategies As They Do Not Work!


Never Use These SEO Strategies As They Do Not Work!

The list of SEO strategies that simply do not work anymore is so long that it is difficult to focus just on those that are still used at the moment. We will focus on those that simply appear too often, although it should not be the case since they simply do not work anymore. However, people still believe that they work, which is completely incorrect.

Getting More Links To Rank Higher In Search Engines

Some time ago SEO was quite simple. All that you really had to do was get links without thinking about where you get it from. That was what guaranteed higher rankings. Unfortunately, many still think that this is correct. While it is a really important SEO factor that is taken into account, it is definitely not as important as it used to be. It is so much more important to focus on the quality of the links. One link of a really high value can increase rankings a lot more than even 100 low quality links, maybe even more.

Keyword Rich Content For A Higher Ranking

Nowadays, Google utilizes LSI (latent semantic indexing). This basically means that the content that is present on a page is analyzed and the common phrases and words will be identified as page keywords. LSI looks for synonyms and related words that are connected to target keywords. The modern SEO approach is focused on keywords, of course, but the content is written for the user, not for the engine. Combining this with other factors that are of importance in understanding whether or not a page is of value is what counts.

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Solely Focused On Content And Links

3 to 5 years ago we had SEO being only focused on how many links are gained. Now, the sites that have great search engine rankings also have a huge social media following. This is because of a really simple to understand reason. The more people see the content on social media, the more share come in. Because of this, we have a natural increase in traffic and backlinks. You cannot simply stay focused on links and content. You also have to take social media into account.

Building More Pages For More Search Engine Traffic

There are many that think they will get more search engine traffic if they have more site pages. In a similar way to link building, simple content creation with the purpose of having quantity will not help you. It is really important that the focus is put on quality instead of quantity. When the content is really good, rankings will be higher in quite a natural way. Google Panda is simply getting better with each update at identifying the poor content. You can even receive a penalty if you just have content that is of really low quality.

If You Rank Higher You Get More Traffic

This SEO problem was always around. We do not expect it to disappear anytime soon. Higher rankings do not guarantee that you will get more traffic. It only means that more people will get to see the listings. Click through rates are different. It is important to have a good meta description set up that has some sort of call to action and that you use the proper keywords. Google Adwords can help you out a lot in identifying the keywords you should be focusing on.

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Guest Blogging Guarantees SEO Authority

Another really common misconception. It only worked when the algorithm was focused on the number of backlinks. Now, as already mentioned, the authority of the link is analyzed together with relevance. This practically means that you need to get guest posts on sites that are completely related to what the link points to. Think of it as writing a really good article for the site where the article will be published and the link towards your site adds more quality. Anything else will not help you.