Web Design Trends to Consider In 2015

Adrian Cruce

Every single year we see new web design trends that appear because of the natural need to evolve and adapt to consumer behavior. Just like the brick and mortar establishment has to adapt in order to compete to larger retailers, the online business has to adapt to how potential customers interact with them.

modern web design

It is obvious that we are moving towards a landscape that is mobile driven. Website design mindset is changing and has to be perfect for the buyer. Check out the following trends that you have to consider for web design in 2015.

Interactive Storytelling

A business has to tell a great story in order to connect with a customer. Advice is usually really good but it does put pressure on the business owner. It is quite difficult to find the best story to tell. The web design that you incorporate needs to incorporate the story of the brand. The great thing about this is that you do not need a great budget for this.

Try to combine multiple media sources together in order for the story to be cohesive. If the web design does tell a story, it will be much more captivating for every single visitor.

Web Pages With Rich Backgrounds

A site’s background is usually just a color. It is underused. In 2015 you will want to use the backgrounds in order to attract the attention of the visitors. Backgrounds can now be so much more than just a static image. For instance, you can utilized HTML video so that you can have something that is fully responsive, an HD video that would be embedded straight in the background. Such a design would be really effective, simple and would take advantage of the impulses of the buyers.

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No Clicking – One Page Scrolling

While from an SEO point of view there is a problem with the one page design, you should consider this option as it is really popular when referring to conversion rates. Instead of using a navigation menu that just uses many drop down tabs, you can use the one page site.

The great thing about this design is the fact that storytelling will be incorporated with ease. It is not at all difficult to find such options, especially when referring to themes for CMS systems like WordPress.