What Should You Consider When Choosing Your WordPress Template?


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It is vital that you choose a WordPress template that is perfect for your means. There are many premium and free templates available, with hundreds that will, most likely, be perfect for you. However, most people out there have no understanding of what they have to consider. With this in mind, here are those factors that you have to take into account. We are sure you would end up choosing a really good template after you go through the points mentioned. Always consider as many themes as possible before making the final choice.

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Things You Should Always Consider

Although there are factors that you will want to take into account because of personal reasons, we have some general ones that are always considered:

  • Available Budget

In most cases people will go for the free WordPress template first, which is a good idea since you can get used to the CMS platform. However, the free themes do not actually offer much. At some point in time you will need to go for a paid theme.

The good news is that really good themes are not expensive. They usually cost $80 tops. You will only go over a small budget when you shop for a theme that is completely customized, build from zero by the developer.

  • Support Offered

Most people that use WordPress do not know much about the technical side of things. With this in mind, it is completely normal to be offered great support. Always read reviews so you see how the theme provider handles problems and what support is offered.

  • Search Engine Optimization
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SEO is highly important and you want to be sure that the theme is built in a way that is as friendly as possible for search engines. WordPress is usually SEO friendly but in the event that you are paying for a custom design, you will have to be careful about this.

  • Responsive Design

The number of people that currently use mobile devices to browse the internet is growing. With this in mind, you have to be sure that the theme looks great on any design. If that does not happen, you will lose valuable visitors.

Specific Elements Considered

The universal elements mentioned above are those you always have to consider. However, others also appear based on personal preferences.

  • Aesthetics

You need to be sure that the theme is attractive for you and for the visitors. Make sure that you put yourself in the shoes of the visitor that will be interested in the site you create. At the same time, make sure that the design is suitable based on what your niche is. As an example, a corporate site will have to be clean, use a suitable color scheme and be reserved, minimalistic.

  • Necessary Functionality

This is really important. Will the WordPress theme you consider include all the functions that are necessary? For instance, in the event that you want to sell something online, there is a need to have a theme that is customized for this purpose. Personal needs will dictate necessary functionality.

  • Flexibility

All the WordPress themes that you use have to be flexible. This is because the internet is constantly changing and you will need to be able to make changes without too much hassle. As you need to add plugins, widgets or change colors, this should be done as easy as possible.

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