Common Website Issues And How To Solve Them

There are many website problems that can appear and the truth is that in most cases it is not difficult to solve them. Most site owners will contact support but that is not always a good idea. You should consider the following solutions for the common website issues that site admins have to deal with. The tips below will help you to basically solve many problems.

website problems

User Cannot See The Website

In the event that the site is new or there were DNS changes that were made, it is possible that the domain name did not propagate through the local systems. This is a process that can take anywhere from 4 to 24 hours. In other situations the sites are live in 15 minutes. If you could access the site in the past or the site is new, look at the temp URL listed in Admin Details. If you still cannot see the site, check the nameservers to see if they were changed properly.

Changes Made To Sites But The Appearance Is The Same

Your browser has a cached version of the page stored. In this case, it is the problem with the computer, not the web hosting. Do a refresh or clear your browser cache to see the site in its current version.

Index Listing Appears Instead Of The Website

In this case the website usually lacks an index page in the root folder. You need an index.html/php/shtml and so on appear inside the root folder. If that file does not appear, the list of all that is uploaded in the main folder appears. Try to be sure that the homepage of the website is named index and that it is uploaded in the appropriate location. You can only avoid this when you use redirects but that is rare.

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In a similar fashion, in the event that you see a message that states the website will be coming soon and you still do not see what should be there, you can refresh or check the index file to see if it actually exist. Remember that any server has a default page set up. That one may need to be removed. Also, see if all necessary files are uploaded where they should be.

Nothing Works Anymore

The internet connection has to be checked first since sometimes it is a problem. However, since you are reading this article, it is most likely not the case here. You have to access the tem url, FTP and email, together with the site. If none of them works, use a proxy to connect. If this still does not work, the IP may be blocked and you will need to contact.

Some Files Are Missing Although You Uploaded Everything

Double check and see if absolutely everything was actually uploaded. If that is the case, try to see if links are correct. Remember that on a Linux server, filenames are case sensitive. If the HTML link is uppercase, you have to make it like that since lower case will not work.

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