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This is my second post from the series “Steps of becoming a webmaster“. I beleive you already learned how to get a domain name in five minutes. Now it is time to learn how to save money when buying domain names. I will explain this again with examples from GoDaddy, but when you learn this, you basically know how to save money on other hosting services offered from the different companies because it is pretty much the same thing.

Most of the domain names and hosting companies offer discounts when you have a Coupon Code. Usually, when you go to the step to review your order there is an option “Have a promo code?“. At Godaddy it is at the bottom of the page on the left side as shown on the image.


Promo Codes menu at GoDaddy


You should click on it. Then you will see another menu “Enter a promo, source code or referral code:“. Now it is time to find one and save up to 90%.

Just Google It

Now you have a domain name in the cart so we will simply search for “GoDaddy domain coupon codes“.  It is easy to find many sites that offer those Promo Codes but not all of them will work for you. This is because some Coupon Codes are only for the U.S. , other Promo Codes are expired or just does not work for some reason. If you want to get up to 90% discount for your first domain you should definitely choose domain name with extensions “.com“. The lowest price is always for this type.  So, in this example I will add at my cart domain name ““ and as you see the price is 13.17$ because they currently have discount of 20%.

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Their Current Price for .com domain name


Now, after I searched at for “GoDaddy domain coupon codes“ I will open the first result which currently is


GoDaddy Promo Codes at retailmenot



As you see, they have lots of Promo Codes for different GoDaddy Services. Let`s have a look at the first one because it has votes from 794 people so far as being the best one. It is also verified and it expires 12/31/2013.  It seems like this is the coupon code we are looking for. If you check the details you will see that this is available only for new “.com“ domain names. Just press Show Coupon Code and you will see this windows as show at the image below.


How to copy Coupon Code


Now it is time to press copy and then you will see message which says you are ready to use your Promo Code. Go back at your reveiw order page at GoDaddy. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and open the menu for inserting Coupon Codes. Simply press the right button of your mouse and paste it (you can also use CTRL+V). Then click – apply. Here is the result:

When you add Coupon Code

The price for ““ changed from 13.17$ to 2.17$. with taxes included. It seems like your breakfast was more expensive than your first domain name. From another point of view when you wake up tomorrow you can ask yourself “ A burger or a domain name?“. Anyway, you can eat just one instead of two burgers and still feed yourself and become a webmaster.

In this article I showed you how to save money when buying “.com“ domain names because I added it to my cart as an example. If you have hosting package or domain with another extension in your shopping cart just search for this type of coupon codes. It is analogical if you are buying services from another company. You will search for their coupon codes. The sites that have all of the Promo Codes actually offer the discounts for every domain registration and hosting company.

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Reasons why your Promo Code does not work

Sometimes you will find Coupon Codes but they does not change the price of your order.

– One of the most common reasons for this is because the code has expired.  Make sure to check the date before copy and paste it.  

– You pasted the wrong code. If you add a coupon code for hosting discount at “.com“ order you won`t succeed. You will see that the code is added successfuly but you won`t see discount because you don`t have hosting package in your shopping cart. Just make sure you read the details on the site where you have found your code.

– There are some Promo Codes for 1$ domain name. They usually work well, but when you go to the step to proceed the payment and if you want to do it via Paypal you will see a message that it was unsuccessful. The reason is because in the details it was probably written to use a Credit or a Debit card for this payment. Just go back and use another payment method.

If you have other problems with applying your discount code feel free to comment and ask.

Extra Tip: Even if you find 50% discount for service keep in mind that this is good but you can always keep looking for up to 90% for your first order.

By Boris Dzhingarov