The Most Common Web Hosting Problems You Need To Know


Establishing an online presence is no longer a luxury for a business. It is a necessity. Every single business has to have a website. For a website to exist, a hosting package has to be chosen. Unfortunately, due to a clear lack of knowledge, most people out there know nothing about how to choose a hosting package or what problems might appear.

Nowadays, there are countless web hosting companies that can be considered. It is really easy to find one that offers something that falls within your budget. Many give you access to really interesting facilities and a 99% guaranteed uptime. However, this does not mean you need to believe everything that you read.

Most people choose web hosting based on the different features that are offered and simply make a wrong choice as they are drawn in by marketing slang. If you want to make a really good choice, you need to be sure that you learn as much as possible. After all, the hosting package you choose will drastically influence your online results.

While much can be said about the topic, we will only focus on web hosting problems, those that you absolutely have to know before you make your choice. We already talked about problems that can appear when migrating to a new platform, but we should focus on the general side of things.

Slow Website Loading Speed

If you want more traffic for your site, it has to load fast. Web hosting service does play a huge part in navigation speed. When a site takes way too long to look and internal navigation is not as fast as it should be, visitors simply leave. At the same time, if loading speed is low, search engine rankings go down.

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Unfortunately, statistics show that people do not go back to a website in the event that loading speed was higher than four seconds. At the same time, over 88% of consumers do not want to come back if the experience is bad.

In order to avoid slow website loading speed, you need to check data centers, where they are located. When they are close to visitors, speed is increased. This is why many now take advantage of content delivery networks. It is generally a good idea to work with a hosting provider that gives you such a service.

Web Hosting Plan Is Too Expensive

There are companies that give you access to completely free hosting plans and others charge a lot of money for web hosting. Obviously, both options are pretty bad.

Services are normally offered just up to the amount that is paid. If the service is free, you need to see exactly what the web hosting company gains. In many cases the company gains advertising space on your site or a payment for another product. Then, be sure that you get the bandwidth that you need, based on own needs. Also, be sure that you see if future upgrades are available and how much they cost.

Web Hosting Problems Are Solved After Too Much Time Passed

When the hosting service you paid for runs as it should, there is nothing to worry about. However, what happens when something goes wrong? Even if you are given a 99% guarantee that nothing will go wrong and the site will be on, numerous web hosting problems can appear. What happens then? This is what you need to know.

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Be sure that you know everything about the support that is offered. There are companies that offer 24/7 live support while others only work with clients through emails or a contact form to register a complaint. Never work with any web hosting provider that does not solve problems fast. Since you never know what may happen in the future, be sure that you choose providers with great support record and reviews.

Web Hosting Plan Limitations – Lack Of Disclosure

There are so many companies out there that simply do not disclose web hosting service limitations. Customers thus often fail to understand how much the company actually offers. Since your site is most likely your business, it is really important that it remains online. The uptime rate should always be analyzed and if there are limitations, you need to be aware of them. Check every single hosting plan aspect and always read the fine print.

Low Offered Security

Contrary to what you might think, most web hosting companies cannot actually protect data from hackers or from identity thefts. There are also companies that offer some security guarantees that are simply false in order to get clients.

In order for the web hosting company to run as it should, in a successful manner, confidence and trust have to be established. This is only possible if security is as high as it should be.

Before you select the web hosting firm, be sure that you receive the security that you need. Backups should be in place and as much protection against hackers should be present.

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Final Thoughts

Before you select a web hosting provider or a package, be sure that you look for reviews and that you learn all that you can about the services that were offered in the past. Pay close attention to the potential problems listed above and make your final choice only after comparing the top providers.