How To Choose The Best Joomla Hosting Package

Adrian Cruce

Joomla is a really friendly CMS (content management system) that is quite popular, even if it is not as used as WordPress. Those that choose it take full advantage of the extensive options available in terms of building and then maintaining a site that is content-rich. Even if you do not have CMS knowledge and programming skills, you can still have a great site.

What is really good to see is that Joomla does follow all the modern content management system. It is a great platform for literally any website type but you do have to be sure that you choose a suitable hosting provider. While you can install the CMS on most hosting packages, there are various things you do have to consider. This is what we will talk about in the following paragraphs.

Joomla Hosting Compatibility

Initially, you want to be sure that you can actually install Joomla. For this you need the hosting package to be on a server that offers Apache, PHP and MySQL. Version compatibility may also be a necessity you are interested in a specific Joomla version. Make sure that the web host offers the newest Joomla version when you automatically install it through a hosting package feature. This guarantees reliability, security and stability.

Joomla Installation

Always think about how the CMS will be installed. If you do have experience and technical skills, you will not want to worry too much. However, if you are not familiar with hosting platforms, you want to find those hosting providers that offer automatic Joomla installation.

Multiple Database And Domain Support

Hosts that will offer you the possibility to utilize different databases are normally highly recommended. This means that you can so easily create multiple installations for test sites or multiple sites. Avoid errors by doing this. In the event you are only going to gain access to 1 database, problems can appear.

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If you are interested in adding multiple websites on the same hosting, be sure that you are offered unlimited domain support.

Expert Joomla Support

There are so many Joomla supporters out there, including users and developers. Training is available if you are interested but most people that will use Joomla do not know that much about it. This is why you want to be sure that you are going to be able to gain access to a team in customer support that can give you the support needed from time to time. The best hosting provider is always the one that includes a Joomla expert team that is available for support at a 24/7 schedule.


Joomla does not consume too many resources but the server provider does have to offer a server that is properly optimized to run Joomla. The proper technology is necessary but you also need to be sure that you are going to be faced with reliability. Read reviews so that you do not end up choosing the hosting provider that offers servers that keep dropping when you need them the most. If you notice that many talk a lot about the problems that they have as they use the services of a considered server provider, you want to work with someone else.

Only Settle For The Best Experience When Installing Joomla

While usually choosing between Joomla and WordPress is all about personal preference and some minor advantages that appear with the platforms, if you decide to opt for Joomla, be sure that you are going to be offered exactly what you need from your chosen hosting. Be sure that you consider every single aspect that we mentioned above as they are very important.

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