How To Improve The Conversions Of Your Landing Pages

Adrian Cruce

Landing pages are really important in blog marketing and can be considered a fundamental part of every single promotion campaign possible. The problem in many cases is that conversions are normally low. This happens because people do not really know how to make these landing pages a true success. If you want to improve conversion rates on your landing pages, here are some really simple tips you need to always remember. Implement them to get the conversion rates you always wanted.

Always Minimize Distractions

A visitor landed on the page because of some specific message. That is what should be present on the webpage. A big mistake is using the exact same landing page for many marketing campaigns. This is not a good idea. What you need to do is minimize all distractions and deliver exactly what the visitors think they will find. This is especially the case when thinking about the information that is presented above the fold. For instance, if someone lands on the webpage because of some discounts that were presented in an ad, those products have to appear in the visible part of the page when it loads.

Easy Form-Filling Is A Necessity

When you ask someone to give you some data, the process should be as simple and as fast as possible. With ecommerce checkouts the customer is most likely already invested in the purchase but in B2B as an example, the data is gained through other means like downloads or free trials. This is when a form needs to be displayed prominently and require a minimum number of steps. In the past there were forms that required much information from visitors. Now you often see forms requiring just the name and the email address. That is because form-filling should be as simple and as easy as possible.

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Always Add Call To Action

Having a form on a page is not a call to action. Also, CTA placement is important. Many will tell you that it has to be above the fold but this is not always the case. Page context dictates the information that should be offered in order to make the visitor perform a specific action.

What is very important with CTA is wording. You want to be sure the copy is enticing, persuasive and clear. You do not want to just add something like “Buy Now”. Some extra text will increase conversion rates, like adding why it is beneficial to make the purchase.

Always Try To Instil Trust

The landing page that looks untrustworthy will increase bounce rate. That is even more possible if the brand is unknown or smaller because people want to buy from reputable stores. Instilling trust becomes a necessity at all times. You want to integrate features that can instill confidence like customer testimonials, high authority reviews, product guarantees, contact details or a reassurance about secure payment.

Mobile Users Should Be A Priority

It is always important to have a really fast loading speed when you build effective landing pages. That is because of various reasons but one that is getting more and more important is the fact that 60% of searches originate on mobile gadgets. Having mobile responsive landing pages for all campaigns is vital. Focus on geo-targeting, click to call buttons and similar features. Never launch a landing page that is not optimized for mobile users as you are missing out on 60% of potential customers, which is quite huge.

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Constant Testing Improves Landing Pages

There is no full proof recipe that always works with landing pages. What is highly effective for one site may not work for another. That is why you need to make testing a part of your routine. For instance, in some cases the long landing pages will outperform the short landing pages but how can you know if this is true if you do not try it? Always test new features with your landing page. See if they work or do not work. As time passes there are always modifications needed to keep landing page conversion rates high. Those that do not test eventually end up with a low converting landing page even if at one point in time the rate was really high.