What Do People Share Now On Social Media?


Any online marketer knows how important it is to realize what people post on social media. Shares are constantly becoming a lot more important than they used to be in the past. In addition, many campaigns use the shares as a way to measure ROI. Because of this, based on recent research that was done by various agencies from around the world, here is what you have to remember about what people share on social media.

  1. Desktop Sharing Activity Dropping

The number of shares that are done with the use of a desktop computer went down by around 30% in 2014 as opposed to the past year. People started using mobile phones more and around 20% of the time spent on such devices is actually spent sharing on social media. This is a really important factor to remember as you have to be sure that your content is viewed properly when a mobile device is used. If not, you are losing valuable shares.

  1. People Share Why Articles And Lists

The articles in list format, as this one, stand out as the most shared, together with articles that answer an important question for the person that reads it. Why content is basically an article that will clarify a topic or will explain a concept.

What is interesting is that the how to articles and the videos did not get as many shares as people may believe. With this in mind, do try to focus on why articles and list based articles. Just make sure that your lists are detailed and not just bullet points.

  1. Early Afternoon Facebook Posting

Most of the shares were done on Facebook. This is something that cannot be denied. This social network is still really strong for sharing content, although others may want you to believe something else. Because of this, you should be aware of the following post times that are the best for getting your content shared by followers on various social networks:

  • Facebook – Weekday afternoons at 1 pm
  • LinkedIn – Tuesdays between 10 and 11 am
  • Twitter – Most retweets take place at 5 pm
  • Google Plus – Engagement is highest at 9 am during Wednesdays
  • Pinterest – Most traffic is at 9 PM during Fridays and Saturdays
  • Instagram – If you promote brands, always share during evening hours
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It might seem like these are random hours but you will want to use them. It is possible to raise your social media traffic by up to 40% when you respect and you post your most popular content at the hours highlighted below.


Remember all that was written above. Always stay focused on articles like the ones highlighted and share those on the social networks at the hours we highlighted. We guarantee that you will notice traffic increase and clear increases in the number of shares that you get.