Interesting Ways To Destroy Your Writer’s Block


Every single blogger out there will eventually be faced with writer’s blog. It is that dreaded moment when you simply do not know what to write and you cannot write. Getting over this moment is really important as a blogger so do consider the methods we highlight below since they are pretty effective for most people out there.

Write Anything You Want

You surely have a blog with a focus. Writer’s block usually appears in connection with writing about the same topics for too long. That is why forcing yourself to write and think about other topics is something that would help you much more than you imagine. Just write about anything and force yourself to do this. It sounds simple but it will be difficult at start.

Start by writing anything you want for ten minutes or just pick a word and write about it for one minute. That will help you much more than you imagine.

Exercising Helps

This is something that many do not know. Go out and run, go to the gym or walk. You should know that physical activity helps you to refocus and reset your mind. Creativity is stimulated because of chemical changes in your brain, you will feel better and you will find it easier to write.

Start Reading

There is a pretty good possibility that a lot of time passed since you read something last time since you were focused on blogging. Reading stands out as a wonderful way to make the head work again, ideas keep popping up and you can end up getting back to writing with brand new motivation. If you do not have books at home, you can always read something on a Kindle or on a tablet.

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Use Writing Templates

This is something that minimizes creativity but the truth is that it can help you to get over writing block and this is what we focus on right now. You can use a top 10 posting template or you could focus on a How To template.

The idea is that when you have the structure set up, you can easily focus on filing them. This makes writing a lot easier as you can be focused solely on the information.

Create Writing Habits

There are many that simply write when they have the inspiration to do this. That will often lead towards writer’s block. Ideas come as you make your brain operate at a constant rate. As a blogger, you are in it for the long run. Schedule weekly or daily writing time.

When you create a writing habit, you basically destroy writer’s block since your mind is already prepared to get it going when it is time to write.