Instagram For B2B – Tips And Recommendations


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Instagram For B2B

Instagram is an amazing tool for B2C companies but B2Bs can also have a lot of benefits if they properly use the app. Besides the fact that Instagram allows businesses to create ads now, there are a lot of ways a B2B can make the most out of their Instagram content and establish long term relationships with their business partners and develop new ones with other businesses that use the platform.

Even though Instagram don’t generate immediate business connections, telling your brand’s story is always a great way to develop your business. Keep the other social media platforms for promoting your products, services and links and use Instagram to generate relatable content that will show a different side of your business.

Tell Stories

The best way to have a strong presence on Instagram is to focus on storytelling. The content should reflect the values of the company and its personality and not to be sales-oriented and self-centered. Through good images and videos, B2Bs can build a strong community of like-minded people that will resonate with the core values of the company.

Use Hashtags

The best way to attract followers interested in your Instagram content is to use proper hashtags. Use the description box to create a story that goes with the image or video you want to share and make sure you add hashtags that summarize your content’s main idea. Instagram users are pretty active and they really use hashtags to search for content they can relate to.

Build A Community

Having a community that interacts with your posts is more valuable than having thousands of followers that don’t engage in conversations with your brand. The best way to grow a powerful community is to celebrate your partners and clients through your Instagram content. Celebrating your current business partners and customers is a great way to strengthen the business relationships you have. Businesses are managed by people after all and people love to feel special so don’t forget to use Instagram for this specific purpose.

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Create Inspiring Content

While telling your brand’s story make sure your content is motivational and inspirational. This will make people to feel part of your story and it will also make them to want to join you in your business journey. Sharing your business’ happy moments or having posts about your employees and their success is a great way to build an Instagram community that will recommend your services or products to other businesses. A business that celebrates its people is always remembered and recommended.

Write A Great Bio

If people like your content, they will want to know more about your business so the best way to offer them additional information on Instagram is to have a great bio. Don’t count on the fact that people who are interested in your B2B will click the link you posted in your bio, make sure the description will make them want to know more, while offering them enough information to consider you a trustworthy partner before interacting with you directly.