How to Earn Money on Different Blogging Platforms in 2023

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earn money through blogging

Blogging is a thriving field, providing opportunities for individuals to express their passions and earn a substantial income. Today’s article will delve into the blogging world and discuss how to earn money on different platforms in 2023.

First, let’s see why blogging can be a game-changer for you.

With nearly two billion websites and over 600 million blogs, the potential for success is significant. However, your earnings will largely depend on the size of your audience and the traffic you receive on your blog.

The major decision is to pick the right platform to work on. Each platform has unique demands, criteria, clients, and earning potential.

This article will explore some of the best and top-performing blogging platforms in 2023. By the end of this article, you will better understand which platform can serve as your golden ticket to success in the blogging industry.

What is a Blogging Platform/Site?

A blogging platform is a software or web-based application that enables users to publish and manage content on the internet. It allows bloggers to create and publish articles, photos, videos, and other types of content on the web.

There are two options while creating a blog self-hosted or hosted.

Self-hosted blogs require users to purchase web hosting and domain name separately. It gives users complete control over their website, including its design, features, and functionality.

In contrast, hosted blogging platforms offer a more convenient option, providing both hosting and the blogging platform in a single package. It is typically cheaper and requires less technical knowledge but may have limited customization options.

Best Blogging Platforms to Earn Money

Let’s explore the most popular and widely used blogging platforms. Whether you’re an aspiring blogger or a seasoned pro, these platforms offer a variety of features to suit your needs. And if you’re looking for a free option, we’ll also introduce you to a couple of additional platforms worth considering.

So let’s dive in and explore what these platforms have to offer!


Best for: The ultimate all-in-one platform for fulfilling your blogging needs. is the go-to content management system for website creation and management, empowering users with a self-hosted, open-source platform that offers unlimited opportunities for bloggers. With a vast array of plugins, themes, and features, sets the bar high for blogging without limits.

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From adding contact forms and social media buttons to exploring various programs and features, the platform’s versatility enables bloggers to make a significant impact online. Getting started is a breeze: purchase or acquire a free domain name and select a suitable hosting plan.

The platform’s exceptional performance and functionality make it a more attractive option than other free hosting providers, with monthly costs ranging from $3 to $10. And the benefits don’t end there – by using, you own all your content and can publish whatever you like, making it a genuinely unbeatable choice for bloggers.


  • It is a cost-effective platform where users only need to pay for web hosting and domain name.
  • It offers endless customization options to design your blogs creatively.
  • It has a user-friendly interface with thousands of articles on how to use the platform.
  • Has built-in search engine optimization to attract traffic to your site.


  • You might need some time to get used to the platform.
  • You must be vigilant for security, backups, and system updates.

2.      Medium

Best for: Testing your writing skills to earn money online.

Medium is a versatile digital platform that offers an excellent opportunity for individuals to put their writing skills to the test and earn money online. Whether it’s your personal experiences or professional expertise, you can write about anything you feel passionate about, as long as it aligns with the platform’s guidelines. With 60 million readers visiting the site daily, you have a vast audience to reach and share your ideas with.

While you can earn some income through the platform, it might not be ideal for a long-term commitment. You can majorly test your content writing skills on the platform with some income, but it might not be the best option for a long-term commitment.


  • The platform is entirely free.
  • Requires no technical skills to get started.
  • High Domain Authority (DA) that helps articles rank in Google search results.


  • Completely dependent on Medium’s website for the audience.
  • You can’t run ads.
  • You can’t own a domain.
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3.      Ghost

Best for: Building a professional sleek-looking content site

Ghost is a user-friendly and minimalist open-source blogging platform for writers and journalists. The platform’s popularity stems from its extensive services, including subscription newsletters, membership sites, gated digital content, courses, and digital product sales.

Once you set up your website, creating a post on Ghost is effortless. The editor is simple, and the live preview feature shows your text on the right side of the screen. Ghost’s front-end design offers a Medium vibe that feels sleek and modern. Additionally, a sidebar with settings allows you to customize your preferences.

It caters to bloggers, publishers, and writers, offering everything from marketing automation to payment gateways for subscription sites. Unlike WordPress, all its plugins are specifically designed for content creators.


  • Clean, minimalist design that focuses on content.
  • User-friendly interface with intuitive editing tools.
  • Built-in SEO optimization features.
  • Ghost offers a hosted solution, so you don’t have to worry about server management or updates.


  • Limited customization options compared to other CMSs like WordPress.
  • It doesn’t offer e-commerce facilities.
  • Its pricing plans can be expensive.

4.      LinkedIn

Best For: Reaching a large targeted audience

LinkedIn is well-known as a B2B social networking platform, but it’s also a great place for thought leaders to share their ideas and content. With a massive audience of 810 million people from over 200 countries and user-friendly tools, LinkedIn provides an excellent opportunity to amplify your content and gain exposure.

To start publishing on LinkedIn, navigate to your LinkedIn feed and click on the “Start a post” widget at the top of the page. To turn your status into a full post, click “Write an article on LinkedIn” to open the full-screen editing window. From there, you’ll have access to all the familiar editing tools for text formatting, adding images, and more.


  • Targeted audience based on job titles, industries, or geographic locations.
  • Easy and free-to-use platform.
  • Best to engage with other professionals.


  • Limited customization for layout and design.
  • Limited monetization opportunities.

5.      Smart Blogger

Best for: Improving writing skills and building a profitable online business.

Smart Blogger is a website that provides resources and courses for content writers, bloggers, and online entrepreneurs. With over 300k subscribers and 4 million readers, Smart Blogger is one of the world’s largest sites dedicated to writing and blogging.

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The website offers a range of free and paid content related to content creation, blogging, copywriting, and online marketing. The courses help individuals improve their writing skills and build a successful online presence. Smart Blogger is known for its high-quality, in-depth content and has a strong following within the blogging community.


  • High-quality content and resources for improving writing skills.
  • Courses led by experienced writers and bloggers.
  • An active community of writers and bloggers for networking and collaboration.
  • Resources and guides for monetizing your blog.


  • Some courses and resources may require a fee.
  • Limited customization options for blog design and functionality.

6.      Squarespace

Best for: Small businesses

Squarespace is a trending platform due to its easy-to-use drag-and-drop system. The platform offers thousands of templates that can be used to create a professional site in a few clicks. It also offers 1000 pages for a website which is enough for amateur bloggers. Its built-in features include SEO optimization, social media integration, and e-commerce, making it a one-stop shop for all your blogging needs.


  • Modern templates with customization options.
  • 24/7 available customer support.


  • It is more expensive than WordPress.
  • Limited plugins, themes, and integrations.

Final Thoughts for Best Blogging Platform to Earn Online 

For people who love to work on their terms, blogging can be a great source of pleasure and income for them. But not knowing the basics and having zero knowledge about the numerous blogging platforms popping up every now and then can be a huge setback for your blogging career.

So, the key to earning money through blogging is to stay informed about the latest trends, techniques, and best practices. By leveraging online resources and communities, bloggers can gain valuable insights into the most effective ways to monetize their content, build their brand, and connect with their audience.

Whether through social media, blogging forums, or other online platforms, countless resources are available to help bloggers achieve their financial goals and build a successful online business.