Blogging Tips for Making Money with Your Blog

Adrian Cruce

Blogging Tips for Making Money with Your Blog

Being a blogger is interesting but it can also be challenging when your purpose is to make money with your newly established blog. However, any problem has solutions waiting to be discovered. This way, there are interesting and valuable blogging tips to consider for making money with your blog even if you are not too experienced in this field of activity. Experience comes from trying out new things and keeping yourself well-informed all the time.

Monetize with CPC or CPM Ads

One of the numerous adopted strategies that have proven to be effective for bloggers interested in earning money from their blogs is the use of ads. There are two main types of ads to consider with this intended purpose. Cost per click or pay per click ads are usually displayed under the form of banners that can be placed into the content or the sidebar of your blog. The way in which these can bring money to you is by getting paid for every click on it. So, whenever readers access your blog and click on those ads, money will be added into your account.

CPM ads represent the cost per 1000 impressions. These are the type of ads that pay you a fixed sum of money per the number of people who have chosen to view your ad. The more readers you have, the more chances you will gain of getting the ads viewed thus earn some serious money.

Google AdSense has become the most popular way of displaying such ads on popular blogs. Its main advantage is that it does not require you to be in direct content with any advertiser but simply place their banners on your blog. Google will do the job for you by choosing those ads that are relevant to your content so that your viewers might be inclined to click on them to discover more information about what they are interested it.

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Selling Private Ads

Another option for you to consider when you want to make money with your blog is selling private ads. You could work with advertising networks for this intended purpose or be directly contacted by them when your blog gathers enough traffic. You are not the only one interested in making money with your blog. They also intend to earn a lot by placing their ads on blogs that have sufficient traffic to ensure good click rates.

Selling private ads can mean earning money from links, banners or even by placing certain buttons on your blog. Moreover, you can also sell sponsored posts created by yourself or others willing to pay for those being displayed on your blog. How about displaying a positive review of an advertiser’s range of services or products on your blog? For a certain price, of course. Advertisers are willing to pay for Brought to you by mentions in valuable content posted on blogs with noticeable traffic as well.

All in all, a blog should be a valuable resource of information for readers to benefit from. As an added benefit, you can also earn money from it if you choose one of the above-mentioned options or other available ones according to the specifics of your blog.