Advantages And Pitfalls Of Faster Content Creation In Blogging

Adrian Cruce

Advantages And Pitfalls Of Faster Content Creation In Blogging

Content creation is a fundamental part of blogging. You need to keep creating very good content so you will want to speed this up. The problem is that content creation done faster is not necessarily a good idea.

You want to think about various different things when you create content for your blog. For instance, really good content is going to bring you more links in an organic way. If you want to climb in search engines, content has to be very good as this is what ranks best, no matter what link building strategy you use. At the same time, never neglect the impact good quality content can have on social media. It can naturally bring a lot of traffic for your blog if you get many shares.

The problem is that content creation is labor-intensive. It is tough so as a link builder or a blogger you may end up being a little overwhelmed.

Should You Speed Up Content Creation?

The answer to this is always positive. Unfortunately, this is difficult since as you speed up content creation you can so easily end up with garbage blog posts as you realize that a lot more time is necessary. Outsourcing content creation is definitely an idea that you can consider but that is going to cost you. Really good content is not at all cheap. Finding someone that is really good in your industry is going to mean a serious investment.

There are basically two big pitfalls of blogging content creation:

  • Not having enough time to create high quality content.
  • Ending up creating low quality content because of being burned out.
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At the same time, when you create more content you can end up not being able to use it since you do not have enough resources available. For instance, it is sometimes not a good idea to add too many blog posts on your blog and you need to spread them out. As time passes, you end up with articles that are not published so what do you do with them? Most bloggers just wait and will promote at a later point in time. Do not do that! It is much better to use your extra articles for backlink building.

Some Things To Remember About Faster Content Creation

The most important thing you need to remember is that creating quality content is the biggest priority you should have. If you speed up everything and quality suffers, do stop and get back to your initial schedule.

Talking about schedule, every single blogger out there needs to develop a content schedule. Never start your journey without it since you would end up losing a lot of time in the process.