6 Ideas To Find Great Topics For Your Blog


6 Ideas To Find Great Topics For Your Blog

Creating a blog is a necessity these days for every single business that wants to find more clients online or just increase brand awareness. The problem is that it is not as easy as it seems to find really good topics for the blog.

When you do not manage to find topics, everything becomes frustrating. Fortunately, there are countless options available when searching for wonderful blogging topics. This is true for all niches.

We can highlight many different ideas to find great topics for your blog. However, let’s just stick to some that you might have not considered till now.

Check Trending Hashtags

Hashtags on Instagram and Twitter (not Facebook) are very useful. They show you what topics are right now being discussed on social media. Twitter shows you what is trending on your home dashboard so you can get a really quick insight into some keywords that are trending right now.

Obviously, you cannot always just write about those specific hashtags. The trick is to create content write around those hashtags.

Also use hashtags to find opportunities to comment on some topics that are trending. This helps you to shape discussions and get better-known in the industry. After your blog post is live, be sure that you share it with the appropriate hashtag.

As a simple extra tip, when you identify a hot hashtag, try to get the content done as soon as possible. You never know when hashtags die and are not popular anymore.

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“Steal” From The Competition

If you have access to a tool like the Ahref Keyword Explorer, you can use it to find some really interesting blog topics. All is based on the competition and the posts they have with a lot of traffic.

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Take keywords from the highly trafficked posts and then use the tool. As you search, look for the long tail keywords. Preferably, find some that the competition did not use until now.

As you find long tail keywords that were not covered, you expand into an area that few people ever considered. The more unique your content, the better it is!

Talk To The Readers

It is such a shame to see so few blog owners use this method since it is very effective when it comes to getting valuable information about many blog-related things, including what the readers want to see on the blog.

It is normal to not think about discussing with customers since you have so many things that you need to do on a daily basis. However, the most important thing when creating content is offering what your target audience wants to see. This is almost always a guarantee that people will actually read the post since they find exactly what they need.

Offline Sources

One thing that few people realize is that offline content can easily be adapted for the internet. The opposite is also true. You can find new blog post ideas in countless offline sources, like newspapers, magazines and even brochures.

Find printed content in your niche and brainstorm some topics. Then, use a keyword research tool in order to find those appropriate keywords that can bring in extra traffic. This allows you to create articles that are SEO-rich and that can quickly become authority articles with the potential of bringing in some backlinks.

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Create Blog Post Sub-Topics

If you are not doing this already, make sure that you analyze the blog content you already have. Check out the best-performing articles. They can have countless hidden sub-topics that you can focus on.

A great thing about this approach is that you can easily play off the high success of the previous blog posts you created.

Remember that Google appreciates new articles that have really high topical relevance. This means that when you write more about the topics that you already covered, you improve the content.

As a simple example, let’s say that you have a site that does rank well for some terms related to cats. Writing new cat articles makes a lot of sense in this case.

Interview Industry Experts

The last thing that we need to talk about is interviewing industry experts. You most likely already heard this tip below but few blog owners actually use this method.

The best thing about interviews with industry experts is that the articles you end up with are surely going to be unique. They will be as unique as the questions that you ask.

Final Thoughts

Finding great topics to write about when you blog is definitely not simple. However, it should not be as difficult as some blog owners think. The strategies mentioned above will surely bring in some really interesting topics that you can easily cover.

At the same time, there are other methods that bring in wonderful blog topics. Just see what works with you. If you have a specific preferred way in which you find topics for your blogs, let us know below through a comment.

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