Simple Blog Tweaks To Attract More Visitors

Blogging is all about writing but even if you are incredibly good at what you do, there are cases in which people simply do not get to see that. There are many modifications that can be done to a blog. If you do a simple Google Search you will basically find hundreds of articles that give you advice about various blog tweaks. The problem is that there are hundreds of tweaks you can do right now. What should you choose out of all of them? This is the question that I will try to answer below by highlighting those blog tweaks that are sure to help you.


Modify Your Tagline

Blogging is hugely about understanding the fact that visitors are lazier than they ever was. Do not get mad about it! It is just fact that people scan and do not actually spend much time analyzing a blog. They make up their decision to stay or go pretty fast. With this in mind, make sure that you have clear and concise taglines.

Make your tagline clear so that the visitors knows exactly what he/she is going to find on your blog. Many bloggers try to be clever. That is not needed. You have to be punchy and clear instead of clever when it comes to the blog’s tagline.

Add Your Signup Form Where Anyone Can See It

Most signup form are hidden somewhere on the page. Visitors will not look for it. They will only subscribe if they actually see it while reading content that they like. There is absolutely nothing wrong with adding such a form in your sidebar or even directly invite people to sign-up. If you do not have many sign-ups, consider adding some freebies for subscribers. Just make sure it is a right one. On one blog I once found a PDF report about how to install WordPress when the site talked about architecture. The freebie has to be exciting and add value to the blog.

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Update The About Page

If your blog is older, there is a pretty good chance that you did not modify the About Page since you launched the site. This is not a good idea. Things change and you, most likely, need to modify something from time to time. A fresh About page is really attractive for the visitors. Go to your Google Analytics account and you will see that there are more people checking out that About page than you think. Since you now freshen up that page, how about adding an extra form there for people to subscribe?


Clean Up Your Sidebar

So many blogs out there have sidebars that are simply so cluttered that you cannot find something of interest. With this in mind, how about removing all that is not needed and showcasing your best content? This is a lot better than just simply adding stuff that no people need at the moment. Move the irrelevant items down and those that people look for should be as high as possible in your widgets list.

Make all these tweaks now and you will notice good results soon!

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