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3 Search Engine Optimization Methods That Still Work for Established Websites

The type of search engine optimization (SEO) that works for established websites with some history behind them is not the same as for brand new sites. With new sites, it’s necessary to be careful about what links are built out, where they’re sourced and how many go up in a short space of time to avoid the backlinks looking unnatural. With older, more established sites, there’s far less of an issue to be concerned about because the older a site gets, the greater number of links it already has and picks up every week.

What are the SEO methods that are effective for established websites?

Broken link building is a novel concept. The idea is that there will be pages on quality web sites that have broken links that still point to pages or posts that are no longer live on the internet. When finding these pages, the webmaster can be approached by email to see whether they would be willing to swap their dead link for a link to a page on your site. The page being swapped in should be totally relevant to the purpose of the original link, so their content doesn’t need to be changed (only the link).

Finding the broken links on other sites is no easy task. It takes specialists and custom software to do it successfully, so it’s best performed by an SEO company that knows the best way to go about it. They can also do the outreach to try to get links placed on the identified sites too.

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The concept of guest-o-graphics is that a graphical infographic is produced that presents a few interesting data points. Once this is published, it can be shared with other sites. Quite often they’ll have a post that the infographic would be ideal for. When they publish it, they may link back to the creator of the infographic (you) and the links start to add up fast. There are also infographic distribution websites now that help promote them for wider use.

Round-up Posts

The idea with round-up posts is that you gather the information on 30+ experts on the subject matter you’re writing about and then canvas these experts to get their opinions on the topic. The attraction for the reader is that they get some expert opinions on a single topic in one post. For the experts, they get a mention and a link back to their site with little effort involved.

The tactic is a great way to get some links from the experts’ sites to your own because they’ll often mention that they were recently cited as an expert and link to your post too. The approach works better with existing sites with some traffic vs a site with little to no traffic because the greater the readership, the more useful it is to the expert.

Ranking in Google, Bing and Yahoo is a great way to drive free organic traffic to your website. There are always new ways to help get a better ranking in Google to help drive more traffic to your site. Just make sure that you get the design and optimization correct to take full advantage of the extra eyeballs when they arrive.

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