Quick Ways to Raise Money Fast


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If you’re in a tight spot and you need money to pay a bill or repair your car, applying for a regular bank loan may not be an option. It’s also a problem if you have poor credit and your credit card company canceled your account last year. However, you don’t need to panic as there are ways to source money quickly that do not involve doing anything illegal.

Here are some quick and effective ways to generate money quickly.

Sell Goods Online

Selling unwanted goods is a tried and tested way to generate some money. Sites like eBay and Craig’s List are the go-to place for millions of people who need to offload old clothing, electrical gadgets, and fitness equipment. If you have items that are in-demand and you want a quick sale, list them on Craig’s List or post a ‘Buy It Now’ listing on eBay. Alternatively, run a three-day auction on eBay and pay for a premium listing to boost visibility. Remember: great photos and a quirky listing will pay dividends. Also, as time passes you can invest some of the profit in quality backlinks to increase traffic and get even more sales.

You can also list items on social media. There are tons of Facebook pages where users can sell unwanted goods. Find the most appropriate one for your items and wait for people to contact you. As long as you insist on cash-only, you can have money in your pocket in no time at all.

Ask Family and Friends

It is always worth asking family and friends to help you out if you are desperate. Unless you burned your bridges long ago, they will almost certainly help you if it is within their means to do so. Just make sure that you repay any loans and don’t abuse their generosity.

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Quick Loans

Quick loans are another option worth considering if you need money fast. A title loan is perfect if you have a car you can use as collateral. As long as you own the vehicle title, you can have the money in your account almost immediately. Applications are quick and easy, but do make sure you approach a reputable lender.


Don’t underestimate the power of crowdsourcing. There are several crowdsourcing sites online, which are very useful if you need to raise funds to pay for something important. Don’t expect strangers to hand over their hard-earned cash for something frivolous, but if you have medical bills to pay or your disabled son needs a new wheelchair, people can be amazingly generous. To maximize your chances of success, promote your page on social media and encourage people to share it.

Leverage a Talent

Do you have a talent? Can you play the guitar or paint portraits? If so, leverage this talent to raise some money. Go busking in a busy tourist area or offer to draw portraits of your friend’s children or pets. It’s a great way to make money quickly and you could even turn your talent into a nice part-time income!

Don’t despair if you have no money. There are always ways to generate an income, so start thinking outside the box.