What Is Evergreen Blog Content And Why Should You Care?


What Is Evergreen Blog Content And Why Should You Care?

There is a constant increase in the number of online publications that now work hard to publish evergreen content. This is because of the fact that these work much better than time-sensitive content on the long run for practically every single business out there. The only situation in which this is not a 100% rule is the blog that is practically a news site, like Cryptoext as an example. Even then it is a good idea to publish some evergreen content.

What Is Evergreen Blog Content?

Evergreen basically stands for stories that will always be interesting for the readers. This is the content that remains relevant, no matter what happens in the world, similarly to how the evergreen tree is always showing its leaves as years pass.

If you want to be found by the search engines, you need to offer relevant and interesting content. That content needs to not become dated. The blog ends up receiving more traffic over a long time, holding search engine rankings for up to years.

SEO And Evergreen Content

The search engine discovers content, analyzes it and then ranks it. Spiders (software bots) are constantly used by the search engine to crawl huge amounts of web pages. Indexing data and ranking is done based on various different factors. One of them is how dated the content is. As an example, when the crawled story discusses the salary of a marketer in 2016, you cannot expect that to be considered relevant in 2019.

Evergreen blog content needs to be built based on keywords that are valuable for the website. Those keywords are used by the search engines to eventually direct traffic. As the evergreen content is created, keywords are utilized to determine what the page is about, together with the content, of course. When referring to time-sensitive content, you can only expect rankings to stay high for as long as that content is relevant. When content is no longer relevant, evergreen content steps in and usually remains relevant for a much longer period of time.

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Tips For Creating Quality Evergreen Content

Unfortunately, it is not that easy to create quality evergreen content. You will need to experiment and find out what works best for your blog. Basically, there is no recipe for success that you can follow since content popularity does vary from one blog to the next based on many different factors. However, when your goal is to create quality evergreen blog content, you may want to consider the following really good tips:

  • Try to answer frequently asked questions that related to the main blog topic covered.
  • Offer industry advice, “how to” articles and tips.
  • If you identify some concepts that are not understood in the industry, explain them.

Many blog owners say that it takes too much effort to create really good evergreen pieces. It is true that effort will be needed but the benefits associated cannot be dismissed. Simply put, evergreen content brings in more traffic and it is traffic that makes money.