Why Do Most Blogs Fail?



In this blogging era, successful bloggers enjoying the benefits of blogging, but there are bloggers who have failed and wondering why their blogging is not successful. Those successful bloggers have mastered some key elements of blogging and making a sizable amount of money that makes blogging look so alluring to wannabe bloggers.

Successful bloggers write quality content spending a lot of time on content research and befriends social media, and it is indeed their hard work that brings success. They have found a way to make money with their blogging by writing attention-grabbing content, Looking at these successful blogs many people want to start a blog, in the hope that they will get the same success with their new blog.

We’ll go through the mindset of these new bloggers who fail and try to find why most of the blogs fail.

The foremost reason for many blogs failing is that they don’t take their blogging seriously.

Like any other things in your life, if you want to be a successful blogger, you can’t do blogging as a side project or as a hobby. Too many people do this mistake with their blogging, they do it casually and do not take their blogging seriously end up failing with their blogging project.

Blogging as a career requires consistency and dedication.

This means simply that you must produce quality blogging content that is liked by many people and encourage them to share it on social media. This one single successful blogging tip brings success to any blog.

If you write consistently quality content on your blog it helps increase the traffic to your blog.

As some researches prove that, a blogger that blogs at least 16 or blog articles a month gets 3.5 times of increased website traffic than those who write 0-4 blogs a month.

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To add more, bloggers who write blogs regularly generates more ‘inbound leads’ for the affiliated products he promotes. If a percentage of these leads convert into sales, the blogger gets the commissions from the product companies.

So, it is very simple. If you want to run a successful blog, you must publish quality blog content every day. If you add more content consistently, the more success you will achieve in the long term.

Another big reason for blogs failing is that they do not create engaging content.

Creating engaging blog content is very crucial for blog success, that 72% of successful blog content creators make sure that they create engaging content and they keep this as a ‘top priority.’

But, it will take time for the new bloggers to achieve this quality of creating engaging quality blog content all the time. But if you practice regularly and keep it as your top priority you are sure to learn how to make quality engaging content for your blog and you will start tasting the success of blogging.

The first thing in this process is the knowledge of the industry that you are writing for. You must understand your industry well that your writing content is very core to the point and in a common tone of the industry.

If you understand the industry well, you’ll be able to bring insights into your content that you are writing and people will love it. Once your industry knowledge is very clear, you can provide your readers with information that is very unique and it is not available anywhere else.

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Start work like a successful blogger. Take the time to read, watch and listen about the industry that you are writing for and this knowledge makes you confident to discuss complex issues about the industry on your blog writing. If you discuss complex topics of the industry people will start to believe that you are an expert in the industry and they will subscribe to your blog and you in the social media world. Then it becomes a success story for you as people will start reading your content regularly.

Writing quality engaging content alone will not bring success to your blog.

You must promote your blog content to make your blog a successful one.

So, how to promote your content?

There two options you can utilize to promote your blog content. You can use the time-consuming organic methods or you can do the same with paid methods.

In the organic method, you simply email your blog link to your friends and people who shared the same content with you earlier. You do this by sending emails and social media sharing.

And you can share your blog content on View Sharer sites like Buzzsumo, then gather the email of the people and keep them for future sharing.

The second option organic promotion is to build incoming links to your blog content. You can build incoming links to your blog by adding links on similar content blogs on guest posts and you add link on your comments. This can also be done by paying to the similar content blogs.

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Many bloggers post your content on their blogs along with the incoming links to your blog. These links add value to your blog in the eyes of search engines. Search engines Google and Bing rank the web pages according to the incoming links. They believe if the page’s link is added in many blogs or websites, the page seems to be important for the topic and the search engines show the page’s a link on top of the search results.

Successful bloggers do guest posting all the time as they find success with this type of content promotion. Indeed it is one of the best ways to promote your blog.

This increases the number of organic visitors to your blog.

Initially, when you are very new to blogging, you can find blogs that allow guest posts for free but if you are looking for real organic traffic you must go to the high traffic blogs where you have to make some payment for posting your guest content.

The entire organic promotion can be done by paying e-marketing companies, they do the complete promotion of your blog and you can just make the payment and plan for more content to your blog. In case funds are not a problem for you, you can opt for paid promotion and make your blog successful quickly.

If you do whatever promotion if the content of your blog is not unique, engaging and quality one you will never find success with your blog because the content is always the King in blogging.