Worst Blogging Niches To Consider As A Beginner


When you first open a blog, the entire experience will be stressful. It is quite simple to end up working a lot and not seeing your work succeed. And often, this happens because of things that are out of your hands.

Most of the articles you will find on the internet will talk about the best blogging niches you can consider. But most of them are not perfect for beginners. They are much better for those that are really experienced.

If you are a beginner, it is better to start with niches that you know as much as possible about. Even if they are among those listed below, you should avoid them though.

The following niches are very bad if you are a beginner since it would be really difficult for you to be successful in them. Simply look for others.


Everyone loves food and it is so tempting to start a food blog, especially when you love cooking or when you travel and enjoy restaurants.

The problem with the food niche is that the market is huge. It might actually be the biggest in the entire world. Also, it is very strange in the sense that it is highly shareable, very difficult to monetize, and interesting. This is quite a huge combo that is incredibly attractive for many.

Unfortunately, in this niche, your audience will spend most of the time looking for recipes, watching videos, sharing images, and so on. Not much time is spent buying food online, subscribing to clubs, or buying recipe collections.

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The large cash stream int eh food niche is advertising. This will not make you a lot of money until you will have a very large audience. Until you reach that point, it will be very hard and you will most likely rely on Google AdSense. It is only after your audience is very big that large companies will look for you and buy ads.

Adult, Gambling, And Spammy Items

We should put all these in the exact same categories as they are dark niches. They have so many different problems and as a beginner, it will be close to impossible to make good money. There will be some huge players in the industry that everyone will go to. Breaking out of the bunch and doing something great will take such a long time that few webmasters will ever make it.


You might be surprised by this niche being recommended as one of the worst for beginner bloggers but it should definitely be here.

We are tempted to think that tech is a great niche because we all interact with technology in one way or another. We use mobile phones, computers, and our homes are becoming smarter and smarter. And everything is mainstream so it should be very easy to be paid.

The problem is that this is another highly-saturated market.  Everything is practically controlled by a few very strong players. And it will be very hard for your tech blog to become popular. It will surely take years until you gain the trust and reputation needed to sell something. Also, working on a tech blog is labor intensive.

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Years ago, tech was a very good choice. Now, it is not. You can end up generating some sales on Amazon and you will get some AdSense revenue, but other types of advertising will be off-limits because of low popularity and the sales you make will be highly limited.


Starting a news blog and making it a success is similar to starting a new TV network and expecting success overnight. The truth is that quality journalism is so much more complicated than what many believe.

With news sites, the very successful resources are those that publish news fast. How can you compete with a source that gets its news in real-time? You cannot.

Also, we should highlight that the topic of fake news practically destroyed any chance you have of running a successful, reputable online news resource. Who will people believe? Your new news blog or a resource like BBC?

You might argue that you could create an aggregating news website. This would just pull news from different sources and would publish it on your blog. Doing this right now would simply be reckless. Countless media outlets are fighting this because such websites just leash from the reputable sources, which is not what you want to do because eventually you will lose your income source.

Simply avoid news as a niche for new bloggers. Without a large editorial board and really good journalists that you actually pay, it is close to impossible to be successful.

Final Thoughts

Do you want to start a new blog? Avoid the niches we mentioned.

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The best thing you can do is to find something that you really love and that you know a lot about. This gives you the best chance of being successful and actually loving what you do.