Why Should Freelance Writers Open A Blog?


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It is a huge shame to notice that the vast majority of freelance writers out there do not even consider opening a blog of their own. This is a really bad idea. You can so easily take advantage of the fact that many do not actually use a blog and get so many new clients because of this. Freelancers do not really have blogs but they actually write a lot for blogs.

Various reports highlighted the fact that freelance writers get clients through freelance sites or through referrals. This is not a bad approach but when you also use your blog, you gain some advantages you will appreciate. To make everything even better, you will be able to also make some money in the future.

A Blog Allows You To Showcase Your Writing

freelance writers should open blogs

This is the most obvious reason why you should seriously consider opening a blog as a freelance writer. You no longer need to take time to arrange various files and send them to clients. It is really great to just add a link to a proposal.

You will find it a lot easier to get clients on freelance sites when you just add a link for the client to see your writing. All your blog articles can be written and you are no longer restricted to just a few articles.

Blogs Get You Clients Directly


You can easily use your blog to get new clients. This is one thing that many do not understand. There are various people that need to hire freelance writers and will use Google or Yahoo to find them instead o placing a job post on a freelancing site.

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The clients that you get directly from your blog will always pay more than those found on freelancer sites. It is something you will surely appreciate as you will be able to make a lot more money and you will have more security as the client will see your writing and will genuinely be interested in your style.

You Establish Yourself As A Niche Expert

niche expert

This is helpful because of many different reasons. You can grow as a freelance writer and establish yourself as a niche expert, one that will actually end up making money with his blog. It is something that you need to always see as a secondary objective since you open a blog. Blog often and always stay focused on the quality of your writing. After all, you are a writer anyway!