Website Development Changes That Increase Sales

Many merchants do not realize this but website design for an online storefront is vital for making sales. It is really easy to build online stores these days because of the existence of open-source and paid software but professional website development is something that is much more than that. If you do want to have as many sales as possible, you want to create a perfect shopping experience for your visitor. Everything starts with what the potential customer sees.

The shopper’s perspective counts and most of the modifications we should make are connected with this. You need to avoid anything that makes the experience bad. With this in mind, here are the things that you have to always consider.

Shopping Cart Visibility Is Vital

During the entire shopping process it is important to have an area present on the site that shows how many items were added to the cart, together with checkout information that is relevant. This is because of the fact that the shopper has to be sure that the browsed item was actually added to the cart.

The reason why this is important is that it will easy transition between the product pages and the checkout page. Your customer can be anywhere on the site when the shopping choices are done so getting fast to the page with the payment is highly beneficial.

Clean Up All Product Pages

One of the biggest problems with online commerce sites is that the product pages include way too much information. Cleaning up these pages will help out a lot. When you build product pages, you want to first make the product image visible. Then, you want to add the name, description and price details. Extra elements like similar product links and customer reviews should be close to the page’s footer area.

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A special mention should be said about the mobile version of a site. Designing a mobile friendly site is necessary since the number of people that use their mobile devices to shop is constantly growing. Focus on how the product pages look on the smaller screens and make sure that the same tips apply. Simplifying your product pages will drastically increase the possibility of making a sale.

Checkout Page Distractions

Getting back to the checkout page, as your customer reaches it, the direction that has to be taken should be clearly specified. Design the checkout page while thinking about removing items that are not necessary. Examples can be given in a sidebar that should not be present. At the same time, it is important that you do not try to sell more when the customer reaches this page. Some marketers make the mistake of trying to make an extra sale on the checkout page. Do not do this since it can make the customer not buy at all.

The highest possible conversion rates appear with single page checkout processes. As you simplify the entire checkout process, the shopper will find it really easy to buy. Customers have to be able to fill out billing, shipping and CC information on a single page. If this is the approach that you take, it is a certainty that the experience will be pleasant. If you want the buyer to create an account, you want to allow this and talk about it after the order is made.

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