How To Make Your Unique Content Stand Out


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No matter for how long you have been blogging, the really important part of this is making sure that your content stands out. This is definitely easier said than done. You cannot simply publish articles and expect success even if the quality of your content is great. You have to do all that you can in order to succeed and if you want to have your content stand out (which you should), here are some interesting ideas you can take advantage of right now.

Adding Screenshots And Photos

Images like screenshots and photographs are important online because they easily break up content, making it a whole lot easier to read. Readers will come to your website by using many devices ranging from smartphones to desktop PCs. No matter what gadget is used, when long paragraphs of text appear, everything is hard to read. You should seriously consider adding photographs so that you can break up text chunks.

Turning Content Into Slideshare or infographics

Infographics can easily help in repackaging facts and tips in a completely visual way, making everything easier to digest when compared with regular text. There are different tools that can be used to create infographics and slideshares. Use them. Take old posts, turn them into slideshare presentations and you just repackaged old posts in a positive way.

Using Video

If there is one thing that is more engaging for visitors than images, it is videos. They can so easily spice up blog posts. You can even create your own videos, turning them into mini ads or tutorials. Make sure that you also upload videos to Vimeo or YouTube so that social exposure can be increased.

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Creating Podcasts

There are many bloggers that will include audio versions of blog posts together with the text. That is definitely interesting. Audio files can easily make everything easier for your readers. It is not at all difficult to create podcasts out of your current text content so why not take advantage of that? Audio consumption broadens audiences and does attract those people that love audio, allowing the blogger to stand out in the niche.

Remember About Sharing

Create your content and then do all that you can in order to help people to share it. That basically means that you have to be sure that the social sharing buttons are installed and that they are visible, positioned at good areas of the blog page. Try to make it as easy as possible for the visitor to share since this will help out in getting new visitors. You want more traffic to the blog and sharing does help out a lot. Although this is not necessarily about making the content stand out, it is something that aids.