Web Design Tips To Help You Improve Your Work

Adrian Cruce

The truth is that web designers that are considered as being the best reached that point because they never forget about the fact that they need to keep learning. If you want to do good web design work, you should always accept tips. We will now offer some web design tips that might help you to drastically improve the work that you do. All tips are really quick and you can apply them right now. Also, remember that if you want truly professional work done, it is generally better to hire web design companies Birmingham than trying to do the work yourself.

Start With Gray Shades And Add Color After

Starting with the use of gray shades is a very good idea, especially when wireframes are created. You want to turn the entire wireframe into a scale that uses gray, then add photography. After that, you can add color carefully in order to make sure that all matches well. This is done one element at a time. If you take this approach you can avoid ending up with a website that is overdesigned, which is quite a common problem at the moment.

Get Rid Of The Carousel/Slideshow

When this element appeared and became really popular in web design, it was because of a need to get much information on page one of a site. Most people will not actually look at this part of the site these days since they are in a hurry. They will simply not care much about the slideshow that you add to your home page. At the same time, what is included is usually not of huge interest for the visitor. You want to seriously consider using something else or simply focusing on a design that focuses attention on something else.

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Always Simplify Site Navigation

Interesting trends appear when referring to site navigation these days. For instance, sidebars are and were incredibly popular. This is true for over 10 years now. Companies though figured out the fact that by removing the sidebar they manage to make the reader have a much higher attention and call to actions tend to work better. It is important that you focus on the reason why you have a website. If you need to increase clicks numbers on CTA graphics, you will want to simplify navigation as much as you can.

Take A Few Steps Back

It is really important to plan properly when you want to create truly epic web design. This means that you can start writing ideas on paper and use that whiteboard that you might have lying around. In fact, it is a good idea to first draw the design that you have. This can make the entire design process one that is collaborative and the team members will find it a lot easier to offer input. After you come up with something that is properly planned, take a photo and use it to start working on your computer.

Increase Font Size

Whenever looking at web design we have to discuss typography. You will have huge problems in reading text on computer screens and when using mobile devices this is even more complicated. Due to this, you want to make everything stand out. Increasing font size is actually the easiest way in which you can draw attention to the important parts of a website. The normal font can also be increased in order to offer more clarity to the entire project.

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Don’t Forget About White Space

So many web designers forget about white space. Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest mistakes that can be made in web design. You want to use white space in a proper way. Increasing white space is actually a really good idea since it helps to draw attention to those things that are of huge interest on a site. Cramping up many elements in just one space will make everything bad. White space is important as it offers breathing room for the design.