Most Important 2018 Web Design Trends


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2017 was a really good year for web design, with trends that were clear and revolutionary, ranging from heroic imagery to non-traditional menu navigation. Web design is similar to all creative fields so changes are bound to happen. Based on the speed at which trends change, 2018 will be a very interesting year for all web designers and site owners. Although it is close to impossible to guess what will be really hot, some clear trends are starting to develop.

The Mobile First Web Design Approach

Web design for mobile devices was a huge trend even before the larger screens were a real trend. This is a trend that will definitely not be new in 2018 but it will definitely be really big since we now officially see mobile devices as being the main gadgets utilized for web browsing. Most of the companies already realized that it is vital to deliver quality and effective content that is fit for the smaller screens.

Bespoke Illustrations

The illustrations stand out as highly versatile mediums that can create some really friendly visuals, all while adding fun to sites. Brands are now able to roll out through an entire identity. Bespoke illustrations will be used in custom iconography, animated visuals and large header images. Such trends are unique for illustration although it is anticipated that different companies are going to start utilizing them more over in the following months in order to move branding to the next level.

Use Of Authentic Imagery

Out of all the 2018 web design trends that have to be remembered, photography is what will be a real keeper in design as a whole. Designers and brands are going to be really careful about what images are used on websites, often hiring professional photographers in order to take that perfect shot. The way in which brands will be portrayed will be really important. The only downside is that cringe photography will still be present. Stock imagery will become less popular in 2018 though with a shift towards real photographs shot in a highly professional manner.

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Video Use In Modern Web Design

Just like with animations, videos are much better at capturing viewer attention than images. Video is definitely not new in web design but it is quickly gaining traction. Video content is taking over the World Wide Web and we will see it as one of the most important trends in 2018 web design. Most really big online authorities are giving a lot of weight to video content, with Google, Twitter and Facebook being really high on the list. Generally, big brand acceptance is always increasing trend popularity so video will surely be big.

Redefining Above The Fold

In a traditional design we are focused on adding the most important information above the fold but as technology advances, this part of a page is not that easy to define anymore. Old fashioned design structure is disappearing and we now have to mainly focus on how the content is going to look on screens of various sizes. Scrolling is a mechanic that is versatile, with various applications. However, if improperly used, usability is destroyed. Designers will experiment and will eventually focus on interaction levels so that they can manage to deliver content exactly as people expect.

Parallax is evolving on the internet. It is a scrolling mechanic that offers 3D effect while the foreground is moving faster than the background. Normally used as a visualization tool, parallax is quickly making its way into web design.


These are just some of the 2018 web design trends we should all be aware of. Many others are appearing and may have an increased popularity in the future. What do you think will be big in 2018?

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