Web Design Mistakes Made Even By Specialists

Adrian Cruce

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It’s true that not everyone is willing to pay hard money for an original, quality website, but many other problems occur because of the bad function. Sometimes it’s better to hire a professional that can guarantee you success, especially if we are talking about a website that is supposed to generate money. Sadly enough, even professionals make certain mistakes that can have a strong impact on the visitors.

Knowing the most common mistakes made by professional web designers will help you concentrate on those details and make sure nothing like this happens to your site. When it comes to web design, perfection can almost be reached, because you can work with every single aspect from your site.

Probably the most common mistake is the Search section that lacks functionality. This function is the most important one in a site, especially if there is a lot of information on it. Most of the times this function has two possibilities: it will feedback you many irrelevant results or it will not find anything at all.

Incorrect texts are another common mistake. A good intention can actually look bad, just because of some small mistakes. Unfortunately, misspelled words are not the only thing they need to pay attention to. Copy and paste is never a good thing either. Most of the times a text needs to be arranged in a pleasant way to look catchy and interesting. It shows that you respect the people who visit your site and you care about your work and invest time into it.

Choose the colors. Piece of cake? Such a simple thing can lead to an ugly site. Sometimes, web designers pick strident colors for our site. In most situations this means a colorful site that gives us a headache. We don’t know where to look at and instead of concentrating on the important things on the site; all we can see are colors that don’t exactly fit. You should know that there are special tools that can help you choose the proper colors for your site.

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Choose the font. A good web designer needs to pay attention to the size of the font, set with the help of CSS. A right font on the right background can express so much more; even the words are the same. Besides the size, the type of the font is an important aspect as well and it needs to fit with everything that already exists on the site. The best thing to do is to take care of the font when everything else is done already, because the font is the easiest change you can do.

Alignment. What exactly is it? It means that we need to place an object by taking into considerations the ones that are already there. This thing offers a structural framework for any site and it helps you obtain something aesthetic. If the alignment is correct, the site can already begin to take the wanted shape.

The fact is that web designers not only need computer skills, they also need an eye for detail. You cannot be a good web designer if you know nothing about design. Too much is never a good thing; but when it comes to web design, simple is not good either. A perfect site needs a combination of color, aspect, quality information and professionalism.